[CES 2024] Lepro dedicated to developing AI-powered home lighting products

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Smart home lighting has been around for years, and companies are constantly looking for ways to improve it. Lepro, a home lighting technology company, is “dedicated to developing AI-powered home lighting products that elevate the standard of living in modern homes.”

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At CES, Lepro will be showcasing its latest breakthroughs which include:

  • AI Lighting Algorithm: Using NLP (Natural Language Processing) to analyze user voice commands, our system tailors lighting effects to match user needs, instructions, and mood.
  • Facial Recognition: Utilizing AI to analyze users’ facial expressions, capturing their emotional state, and recommending lighting effects that match their mood.
  • LightBeats algorithm: The algorithm simulates the human auditory system, synchronizing the lights with music/sound to create an immersive audio-visual experience for the user.

These new features elevate the home lighting experience and provide users with “a quick and simple way to achieve a personalized lighting experience that best meets their needs.” Currently, the B1 AI Smart Light Bulbs are the only AI-powered product available on the company’s website, but it does have more products coming down the pipe.

Some of the upcoming products include:

  • AI RGB Table Lamp (TB2) which is in the shape of a music note
  • AI RGB Table Lamp (TB1) which features three circular pieces inset within each other
  • AI RGB Floor Lamp (O1) which is a cylindrical floor lamp
  • AI LED Downlight (R2) for relatively flush ceiling installation
  • AI RGB Ceiling Light (T1) for a traditional round ceiling light look
  • AI RGB Wall Lights (WL1) that feature a modular design
  • AI RGB Neon Light Strips (N1) with a more flexible design
  • AI RGBCW E26 BR30 Bulb (BR1) for installation in recessed ceiling light fixtures
  • AI RGB Light Strips (S1) for use behind TVs, cabinets, and other areas

Most of the products listed above come with a two- to five-year warranty. They all feature 2.4GHz Wi-FI, Bluetooth, and up to 20,000 hours of lifetime. We’ll be sure to update you once we find out more when it comes to pricing and availability.

What do you think about Lepro’s AI-powered home lighting products? Are they something you might be thinking about picking up? Let us know on social media by using the buttons below, and be sure to check back frequently for more CES 2024 news!


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