[CES 2024] Samsung’s 2024 home theater lineup announced in Las Vegas at CES

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We are at Samsung’s First Look event in Las Vegas, Nevada, kicking off CES 2024! The company always does the First Look event for select media and we’re excited to be part of it again this year. The official CES show doesn’t start until tomorrow, but Samsung likes to announce its home theater lineup this way every year. Below, we have the details Samsung shared with us concerning its home theater lineup for 2024.

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Pricing and availability of the home theater lineup was not available at the time of posting, but Samsung will supply that info later in the year. The company is doing some outstanding things in the home theater vertical and they are industry leaders in home theater. So let’s jump into the full First Look of Samsung Home Theater products for 2024.

2024 Samsung Home Theater CES 2024

In 2024, Samsung Home Theater will expand its premium lineup to give you even more ways to bring theater-like quality directly into your home.

Samsung Neo QLED 8K

[CES 2024] Samsung's 2024 home theater lineup announced in Las Vegas at CES
Samsung QN900D

Samsung Neo QLED 8K TVs deliver unparalleled picture quality that transforms content into stunning 8K. With nearly 40% of premium shoppers saying they’re considering an 8K TV as their next purchase, the future for 8K is bright.

This year’s home theater line-up from Samsung will include the QN800D (65” — 85”) and QN900D (65” 85”). The series is powered by the most innovative Samsung processor yet: the NQ8 AI Gen3. It’s designed with an on-device AI engine (NPU) 2xfaster than its predecessor, plus 8x the neural networks (512).

The 85” Class QN900D Neo QLED 8K TV delivers brilliant picture quality, mind-blowing sound, and an enhanced design. In fact, it’s the slimmest, most premium 8K TV to ever hit the market.

Built with advanced new features like 8K AI Upscaling Pro, AI Motion Enhancer Pro, a new Infinity Air Stand, and more, it creates the most immersive at-home theater environment. For the first time, the QN900D can upscale even SD/HD content into 4Klike resolution, and 4K content into 8K with 8K AI Upscaling Pro. It’s also the first TV to support a maximum VRR of 4K 240Hz – so even the most fast-paced games feel smooth.

[CES 2024] Samsung's 2024 home theater lineup announced in Las Vegas at CES

The new AI Motion Enhancer Pro can analyze what sport you’re watching and help you track the specific kind of ball with crystal clarity. You can actually see the ball as it zips across the screen. And, Real Depth Enhancer Pro maximizes Mini LED control, so you get enhanced contrast that makes content come alive, even in fast scenes with lots of movement – like car racing. When the TV is off, Now+ can transform the blank screen into an interactive information center that you can customize to provide weather updates, home IoT updates, a family text messaging board, and a music widget for mobile music listening.

To further remove distractions, the QN900D boasts a redesigned One Connect Box with a compact U-shaped module with two ports in the back, completely invisible to viewers. That means you can connect your cable, satellite box, or video game system to the TV without unsightly wires. Its Slim Flat Back design helps you beautifully mount the against your wall – while its new Infinity Air Stand is made of ultraslim and premium metal, sporting a mirror-like finish that makes the TV look like it’s floating.

Samsung Neo QLED 4K

Samsung QN90D

The 2024 Samsung home theater Neo QLED 4K portfolio includes the new QN90D (43” — 98”) and QN85D (55”- 85”). They deliver a powerful and cinematic 4K experience, transforming whatever you’re watching into beautiful 4K with scene-by-scene clarity, thanks to the updated Neural Quantum Processor with 4K Upscaling. Plus, Real Depth Enhancer Pro sharpens foreground images and improves the visibility of the main content on-screen.

The Neo QLED 4K, Neo QLED 8K and Samsung OLED TVs are designed with Active Voice Amplifier Pro. This feature can boost dialogue or key sound effects – like creepy footsteps in a scary movie – so you hear them exactly as the director intended for an immersive visual AND audio experience. Additionally, you can use AI Customization Mode to optimize the picture based on the scene you’re watching. Simply select your preferred picture for each genre when you first set up your TV. Every time after that, the Samsung processor will do the hard work for you, using AI to detect the scene you’re watching and automatically optimize the picture based on your preference. Whether it’s a thriller movie, soccer game, or a drama.

Samsung OLED TV

Samsung S95D

Samsung home theater is the fastest growing OLED TV brand, and we’re continuing to lead the charge with the new S90D (55” — 77”) and S95D (55” — 77”) series.

This TV line steals the show with bold contrast, vibrant colors, and amazing brightness that’s brighter than ever before. The S95D is the first OLED TV with OLED Glare-Free technology, letting you enjoy the best possible viewing experience across both bright and dark rooms. It has no negative effects on your viewing angle or contrast, and no color distortion. In fact, Samsung OLED screens can depict the full depth of color validated by Pantone, the industry-leading color experts.

The S95D is astonishingly thin – under 11 mm, sporting its signature flat-back design with attachable One Connect Box to beautifully complement any space and make high end architectural installations easy. The S95D offers a great canvas for gaming, too, with a 4K 144Hz panel.

Plus, it delivers a high-performance audio experience, with Object Tracking Sound that leverages the TV’s built-in multichannel speakers to provide a fully immersive sound stage. With enhancements to its built-in speaker distribution in the side, bottom, and top of the TV, you’re rewarded with True Channel Dolby ATMOS for even more cinematic surround sound.

Home Theater Ultra-Large Screens

Demand for bigger screen sizes continues to increase. In fact – last year, 44% of people reported buying a new TV because they wanted a larger screen.

In 2024, Samsung home theater will offer more ultra-large screen options than ever, including 98” models for our Neo QLED 8K, Neo QLED 4K, QLED 4K, and Crystal UHD TVs.

As screens get larger, their pixels get larger. For example, when looking at a 98” TV versus the 65” TV – its pixels will be 2.3x larger. Samsung TVs offer the best in picture quality, so regardless of what screen size you select – you can enjoy beautiful color, sharpness, and incredible detail.

This is made possible thanks to advanced AI-powered features like Supersize Picture Enhancer, a newly upgraded AI Upscaling Engine and Real Depth Enhancer Pro.

With Supersize Picture Enhancer, Samsung TVs utilize an AI Upscaling Engine to enhance sharpness and reduce visible noise on each pixel – so you can enjoy your large screen content without pixel distortion.

Lifestyle Screens

We know that no two people are the same, and your home reflects who you are. In fact, studies show people expect personalization or customization options from the brands they choose. That’s why we offer such a huge assortment of screens uniquely designed to fit your individual lifestyle. For 2024, we’re introducing upgrades to The Frame, new Premiere projectors, and more.

The Premiere 8K

The Premiere 8K achieves several best-in-class, world’s-firsts: it’s the world’s first 8K projector with wireless connectivity – thanks to a new Wireless One Connect Box that transmits your content to the projector within 10 meters of the viewing area. Plus, it’s the first to offer a 100-watt output, Dolby Atmos and Sound-on-Screen technology, creating theater-like sound, right in your home. It projects up to a jaw-dropping 150-inches from just 12 inches (ca. 30 centimeters) from the wall, compared to roughly 5 meters needed for conventional models.

The Premiere 8K delivers staggeringly immersive picture quality in high resolution, with an AI upscaling engine that can transform 4K content to 8K. With 4,000lm auto-brightness and triple-laser light, you can experience crisp-color immersion even in daylight. Get the full movie theater experience with patented sound-on screen technology that supports 100W output in 8.2.2ch with Dolby Atmos. Sound-on screen technology elevates audio to feel as if it emanates from the huge screen, rather than conventional projectors which form a sound image on its product body.

The Premiere 8K uniquely features Wireless One Connect, giving you the freedom to configure your space and hook up peripheral devices without messy and complex wiring. It can be placed virtually anywhere, beautifully blending into the room with a premium design that features a lens cap and metal, wood, and rounded corner finishes. It can even be utilized as a smart speaker in your living room – even when the screen is off.

Setup is easy with embedded features, including auto-keystone, autofocus, screen scale and side-lever height adjustment, with smart features built-in.

The Premiere 5

Versatility takes new form with the do-it-all The Premiere 5. This lifestyle device features an elegant design that looks clean from any angle, seamlessly blending into any home. A single multi-function key makes it convenient to switch modes, including Ambient Mode, mobile connection, and a screen off feature, which turns the screen off but keeps the audio on. It can also mirror a smartphone display by simply tapping the phone on the top of the device – providing the ultimate easy setup.

As the world’s most compact (7.9”H × 5.4”W × 5.4 ”D) triple-laser ultra-short-throw (UST) projector and touch interaction device, it seamlessly connects to multiple devices and is easy to move throughout the home with its lightweight design (3.7lbs). The Premiere 5 delivers a high-quality, bright projection and makes setup easy with automatic focus and alignment for both the display and the touch-screen feature. It’s also a flexible smart speaker for immersive audio experiences.

When the device is placed only 17” away from a wall, it can display up to a 100” image – and automatically adjust for focus, keystone, and color balance to provide a perfect image. In addition to a large-screen projection, you can use it as a second monitor or to decorate your space. And its included tabletop accessory stand allows it to project onto a desk or table and turning the display into a touch-sensitive projector. It can be used as an entertainment media projector in the den, or even serve as a touchscreen display for interactive tutorial videos or educational apps. The device can mirror both the input and output functions of a wirelessly connected smartphone.

2024 Premiere models will also have a new feature called Lightwarp, which turns any object in the room into an interactive display surface. This is the first time projection mapping has been offered outside the professional setting – and in a responsive way. With Lightwarp, you can project any content on your surface and even create a customizable dashboard with widgets, like a clock or the weather. It’s the world’s first integrated projection mapping technology for consumer devices, and adds an exciting new capability for room design, parties, and information display.

The projector line will also newly offer Samsung Gaming Hub, so you can access thousands of your favorite game titles, no console required. And they can be utilized as a smart speaker in your living room – even when the screen projection is off.

Plus, Samsung will introduce The Premiere 7 and The Premiere 9. Evolutions of the current Premiere LSP7T and LSP9T models, these ultra-short throw projectors will now be brighter, and feature a Quantum 4K processor and Dolby Atmos sound for a theater-like experience.

The Frame

The continued evolution of The Frame (2024) provides a more complete art experience while it’s off and improved picture quality when it’s on. Pantone Art Validated colors, so that every piece of artwork you display appears even more natural and realistic, exactly as the artist intended.

Already the best-selling lifestyle screen product, The Frame comes with new enhancements to boost the art experience. Now with over 2,500 artworks from world-renowned museums and galleries in the Art Store, users can enjoy an enhanced Art Store experience. The Frame’s new art streaming feature gives viewers a taste of the Art Store’s diverse collection by providing them with 20 free hand-selected artworks each month.

And an optimized art experience is available in the SmartThings mobile app, so it’s even easier to upload your favorite content to The Frame. Plus, we’re also making The Frame even more energy efficient, with a new dynamic refresh rate. When enabled with Art Mode, our new (55” and up) models can automatically reduce the refresh rate to 60Hz. That means you can still enjoy your favorite, high-quality artwork – while conserving energy.

Home Theater Sound

Samsung has evolved its flagship soundbar with the expansion of the Q-Symphony ecosystem that improves sound, functionality, and ease of use. It delivers immersive audio that’s wirelessly synchronized in unison across all your speakers – without any messy cables. That means audio from your favorite shows and movies can perfectly synchronize, making you feel like you’re right in the center of the action.


The HW-Q990D Soundbar delivers an 11.1.4 channel sound experience – and is the world’s first to offer wireless Dolby Atmos. It also has 4K 120Hz pass-through – ensuring that every sound from your favorite gaming title is smooth and lag-free, just like the visuals on your screen.

Thanks to Q-Symphony, the soundbar can adjust its sound profile to be either central, perfect for sitting on a couch and watching a movie, or expansive, where each part of the system provides balanced audio that’s ideal for room-filling music. For late-night viewing, switch the soundbar to the new Private Listening Mode to turn off frontal audio, so you can enjoy your favorite movie without waking up roommates or family.

For entertainers, its Party Play Mode broadens the sound profile to let each part of the sound system play a balanced profile and bring the life of the party – so listeners can experience the perfect vibe. The HW-Q990D is also compatible with Roon, a music service that allows people to stream music, even their own local files, to multiple devices throughout the home. Roon offers high-resolution playback for individual or group play, making the multipurpose soundbar even more versatile.

The Music Frame

[CES 2024] Samsung's 2024 home theater lineup announced in Las Vegas at CES

The Samsung HW-LS60D (Music Frame) is the world’s first customizable and personalized wireless speaker with a built-in IoT hub. The Music Frame is unique in that it’s a speaker with the look and feel of a picture frame. You can use it as a standalone Bluetooth or Wi-Fi speaker. Or pair Music Frame with your Samsung TV and/or soundbar to be used as a TV speaker, rear speaker, or a subwoofer — and even pair two for more surround sound options.

The Music Frame blends beautifully into your décor, letting you display any photograph or printed image, or even digitally print your favorite memories onto the accompanying Art Panel, a diasec matte acrylic plate.

Music Frame innovates in engineering by delivering excellent Dolby Atmos sound in a form factor that blends into any room. It hides 2 woofers, 2 tweeters, and 2 mid-drivers behind your photo. With Samsung SpaceFit technology, it can perfectly calibrate audio to your environment. Plus, it has a wide radial sound range, delivering high-quality and balanced music playback, regardless of where you’re sitting.

Ultra Slim

The 2024 audio portfolio also includes the newest ultraslim soundbars – the HW-S800D, HW-S801D and the HW-700D, the newest addition to our line-up.

The HW-S800D measures only 46” – about a third of the depth of conventional soundbars. Whether mounted to a wall or set flat on a stand, it makes the perfect companion for your ultra-thin TV in a minimalistic setting. With the new SpaceFit Sound Pro, its audio is automatically optimized for any acoustic environment, beaming a perfect sound and deep bass experience right into your living room.

Meanwhile, the HW-S700D takes ultraslim to a whole new level. It features an even smaller form factor at 35” L × 1.4”H × 1.5” D. It’s designed to complement TVs that are 55” and smaller – while still delivering the same impressive sound quality as others in the lineup.

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Last Updated on March 13, 2024.


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