Sharp showed a select group of media the first QDEL TV at CES 2024


My good friend Caleb Denison over at Digital Trends was luckier than I at CES 2024 this year. Why? Caleb had the opportunity to check out something exceptional, albeit at the last minute. Sharp had a good-sized presence at CES 2024, but somewhere in the back rooms of the conference, they were showing select media a one of a kind display, a QDEL TV prototype. Photo credit above: Digital Trends.

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We already know all about OLED, QLED, MiniLED and the bevy of other TV display technologies on the market. Companies such as LG and Samsung have built empires from OLED and QLED and MiniLED is one of the newest techs being hailed as brighter with deeper contrast ratios. But QDEL is a whole other technology on its own and it could change the future of TV display tech going forward, should one of the big TV makers choose to take it to the next level. Watch Caleb Denison talk about what he saw at CES 2024 behind the secret curtain.

“QDEL stands for Quantum Dot Electroluminescent. For several years, it has represented a holy grail of sorts for the TV world, because a QDEL TV theoretically possesses all of the benefits of OLED TV (like gorgeous color, perfect black levels, incredible contrast, and lightning-fast response times) and none of its weaknesses (lower brightness, pixel material that ages over time, and the risk of burn-in). In short, a QDEL TV could be a perfect TV.” — Simon Cohen | Digital Trends

Caleb does an excellent job of illustrating the brief history of OLED, QLED, and MiniLED and wraps it up with a great explanation of QDEL TV at the end. If you want to read more about it, check out Digital Trends article, I would rather not copy and paste their entire article here.

All I can say is, TV display tech will be wild over the coming years. With transparent Samsung’s transparent MiniLED, LG’s transparent OLED, and now with Sharp QDEL TV tech coming. We are in for a treat, stay tuned!

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