SOUNDBOKS: Blow out your competition’s ear drums at your Super Bowl tailgate party


Are you planning a tailgate party? Have you thought about the sound solutions you’ll employ at said tailgate party? Maybe your speakers are subpar and you need some power to blow the ear drums out of your competition’s head. SOUNDBOKS has the sound you’re looking for.

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With SOUNDBOKS, you’ll elevate your tailgate party over all others. If you need to drown out your competition, these speakers are one way to do it.

With the excitement building for Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas, it’s time to get your tailgating essentials together! Whether heading to the big game, watching from the comforts of your living room, or attending a friend’s Super Bowl party, SOUNDBOKS will help bring the noise and ring in this year’s Lombardi winner.

Renowned for delivering premium audio experiences in outdoor and social settings, SOUNDBOKS is ready to help take your tailgate, or Super Bowl watch party to the next level. With a Bluetooth performance speaker built to last that’s not afraid of the elements. Take a look at our S4 full review here.

SOUNDBOKS Product Lineup

SOUNDBOKS: Blow out your competition's ear drums at your Super Bowl tailgate party
    • MSRP: $699.00
    • Color: Black
    • Product Description: Wherever you go; however, you go, whatever you’re going to do—SOUNDBOKS Go makes your music go, too. This is a Bluetooth Performance Speaker, only smaller. The SOUNDBOKS GO is full of surprises, full of potential, and fully capable of doing all the stuff that makes a SOUNDBOKS a SOUNDBOKS. 121dB of powerful immersive sound, splash proof, shockproof, and portable with our incredible swappable 40-hour battery. Use TeamUP to pair wirelessly with other SOUNDBOKS Go or SOUNDBOKS speakers for an immersive music experience. Connect to the SOUNDBOKS App to access performance upgrades for new sound profiles, EQ, remote controls, security, + more.
  • SOUNDBOKS Gen. 3
    • MSRP: $999.99
    • Color: Black and Orange
    • Product Description: Meet SOUNDBOKS 3, a Bluetooth speaker designed to make a statement and be heard regardless of where you take it. Its ability to get loud (126dB) while maintaining clarity is unique, so whether you’re at the heart of a bustling festival or enjoying music in the backyard or park, SOUNDBOKS 3 delivers crystal-clear audio that fills the air with immersive sound. Crafted to withstand the rigors of outdoor music festivals, SOUNDBOKS 3 boasts exceptional durability with an IP65 rating, rubberized corners, and a wooden poplar cabinet to enhance vibration and sound projection. A completely wireless musical experience, SOUNDBOKS 3 is equipped with a rechargeable, swappable battery and one-touch pairing to join multiple speakers for an immersive sound experience.
    • MSRP: $999.99
    • Color: Black & Grey
    • Product Description: Introducing the SOUNDBOKS 4, the next-generation Bluetooth Performance Speaker. With a powerful 126 dB output, up to 40 hours of playtime, and enhanced audio quality, it’s your ultimate companion for any event. Redesigned drivers and refined audio routing deliver an improved immersive sound experience. The customizable grill, smart connectivity, and durable build make it perfect for outdoor adventures. Plus, with IP65-rated electronics coating and SKAA connection for up to 5 speakers, it’s ready for any challenge. Elevate your sound with the SOUNDBOKS 4.

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