McFarlane Toys celebrates 30 years with limited edition Gold Label figures

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McFarlane Toys has an interesting history, you should check it out some time. The company was born out of the mind of comic book artist Todd McFarlane. McFarlane is the creator of Spawn and one of the founders of Image Comics. 30 years ago, he saw an opening in the toy space for premium toys that were more than dolls, and McFarlane Toys was born.

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Here’s what the McFarlane Toys press release had to say about the company’s 30-year anniversary and its limited edition Gold Label figures.

30-Years of McFarlane Toys and Gold Label Figures

McFarlane Toys celebrates 30 years with limited edition Gold Label figures

This year, McFarlane Toys—a trailblazer in the realm of action figures and collectibles—proudly celebrates its 30th anniversary and three decades of innovation, design excellence, and setting new standards for the toy industry. To commemorate this extraordinary milestone, McFarlane Toys will release several limited edition and exclusive Gold Label figures.

Noteworthy among these special figures is a compelling two-pack featuring a Spawn figure based on McFarlane’s original teenage design and sketches, paired with a figure of Todd McFarlane himself.

Fans can anticipate an array of additional exciting releases, social media contests, and announcements throughout the anniversary year.

What began as a small, privately owned business in the early ’90s, McFarlane Toys has evolved into an industry leader, defying the odds against Fortune 500 companies, and maintaining its private ownership throughout its impressive journey.

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Founded in 1994 by the visionary Todd McFarlane, the company has continually redefined the possibilities within the world of action figures. At the core of McFarlane Toys’ success is Todd McFarlane’s iconic creation, Spawn, which stands as one of the world’s bestselling comic books, with hundreds of millions of copies sold globally in over 120 countries. The title’s 1992 debut was a massive success, with over 1.7 million copies sold, marking a pivotal moment in the future establishment of McFarlane Toys.

Spawn’s aesthetic appealed to toy industry giants, and several wanted to create figures based on it. However, McFarlane’s goal was to create hyperrealistic and articulated action figures that were not yet available on the market. His forward-thinking led McFarlane Toys to introduce the first ultra-articulated action figure to the market in the early ’90s, seeing a new standard for the industry. This innovative approach extended to coloring as well, as McFarlane Toys became the first to incorporate a rich and diverse palette that offered fans an impressive array of colors and designs on their figures. A groundbreaking move that preceded industry norms at the time. This distinctive style—marked by revolutionary articulation and vibrant coloring—has since become McFarlane Toys’ signature look, influencing other toy companies to follow suit.

Throughout the years, McFarlane Toys has expanded its influence by partnering with industry giants like DC Comics, Disney, James Cameron’s Avatar, Warner Brothers, HBO’s Game of Thrones, Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty, AMC’s The Walking Dead, and Five Nights at Freddy. The company has also partnered with AMC’s The Walking Dead, and Five Nights at Freddy. The company has also partnered with AMC’s The Walking Dead, and Five Nights at Freddy.’s. They’ve also collaborated with iconic
and influential figures across various industries, such as Tim Burton, Ozzy Osbourne, KISS, and multiple stars from the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, among others.

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