Sonos $449 headphones coming in June


Sonos doesn’t need much of an introduction as the company is well known for its audio products even by those who refuse to pay their asking price. Sonos is highly priced and some may question the value they get from their products, but I digress. This is about a new segment the company is entering into coming in June, and that is headphones. No, the image above is not the new headphones, that’s Midjourney.

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According to MacRumors, Sonos is going to hit the market with a new pair of over ear headphones aimed at the likes of Apple AirPods Max, Focal Bathys, and Bose. This is the first pair of headphones for the company and keeping inline with its branding and market, they are not cheap.

The initial release for these new headphones was reported by Bloomberg as April, but the company has been having some software challenges they are working on. Those challenges include Wi-Fi connectivity issues, which is important for wireless and app connected headphones. So now, the release is set for sometime in June.

According to MacRumors; The headphones will be available in black and white, and are expected to include features like voice control navigation and synchronization with Sonos speakers, soundbars, and subwoofers. Sonos CEO Patrick Spence confirmed in November 2023 that Sonos is set to enter a new market, and he said the company’s offering would “delight customers and drive immediate revenue.”

The headphone market is pretty saturated already, so I’m not sure how well these will do. But considering the company’s reputation and fan following, they could do very well. And they are priced $100 below comparable AirPods Max. Apple fans tend to be Sonos fans so they may have a play here. Time will tell.

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