The Vaonis Hestia smartphone telescope is now available

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Vaonis has diligently been working on mobile telescope products over the past few years. The company released their Stellina and Vespera telescopes and now they’ve announced an even more affordable offering with the Vaonis Hestia.

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Hestia, the first telescope harnessing the power of your smartphone sensors to capture stellar images, is lighter, smaller, and more accessible than anything else currently on the market. Its innovative design allows users to position their smartphones on the device and align the phone’s camera with Hestia’s eyepiece, providing a seamless and intuitive stargazing experience. Here’s what the company’s press release had to say.

After the resounding success of the Stellina and Vespera smart telescopes, Vaonis proudly introduced its latest groundbreaking innovation: Hestia. Now, with deliveries well underway, over 9000 Hestia packages have been shipped to enthusiastic backers of the 2023 Kickstarter campaign. The remainder of the packages are on track for delivery to destinations worldwide.

Guided by the Gravity by Vaonis companion app, future astronomers can easily identify celestial objects using an interactive sky map and observe the Sun, the Moon, and deep sky objects right on their phone screens. Hestia’s innovation lies in its combination of three elements: a simple, compact optical system, a mobile app utilizing the latest image-processing technologies, and compatibility with smartphones equipped with ever more powerful sensors.

The Stellina and Vespera smart telescopes have been worldwide successes since their launch. This year, we are pushing back the limits of miniaturization with a new innovation: Hestia. To reduce costs and offer a telescope that is truly accessible to all, we have relied on the most powerful and widely adopted technology: your smartphone.

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Hestia Eclipse packs, comprising the multiple award-winning product, a tripod, a durable hard case, and a solar filter, are now available for purchase on the Vaonis website and various retailers across the US and Canada. Priced at $399, these packs offer an unparalleled opportunity to dive into the wonders of the cosmos.

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Last Updated on April 30, 2024.


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