The Regular Guy Review: Lenovo Miix 2 8 Windows Tablet



Anybody can rattle off a bunch of hardware specs and benchmarks.  Not many people start battery run-down tests for fun.  I try to take a different approach when it comes to hardware reviews: what’s it like to use the darn thing?  Will you run into issues doing the things you’d expect to do with a device?  With that in mind, I’d like to welcome you to the second installment of the Techaeris Regular Guy Review.  Please keep reading for the Regular Guy Review of the Lenovo Miix 2 8 Windows Tablet.

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Leo’s Fortune Review: Possibly The Most Beautiful iOS Game Ever


Leo's Fortune iOS Gameplay

Leo’s Fortune follows the story of Leo, a small little fur ball with a mustache and what seems like a Russian accent. You are Leo and you are hunting down the animal that decided he was going to steal your fortune. The game starts off with a short narration and overview of the game, the story and its objectives.

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SlideLock: A Dope Lockscreen Alternative For The Minimalist In You

As an HTC One owner (carrier locked) who has recently upgraded to KitKat, I was very upset to learn that I could not get the Nexus 5 lock screen on my device without rooting it (yes I thought this update was the holy grail and would turn my phone into some super-human device that looked exactly like a vanilla Android device, yeah I spazzed all the way out).  So for about two days straight I scoured the Play Store for lock screen alternatives that would mimic the Nexus 5 until I finally came across SlideLock.  SlideLock is a lock screen notifier replacement by Silver Finger Software who some of you may know from NotifierPro and coordinating themes in the Play store.

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