Amazon Acquires TenMarks Education Company


Looks like Amazon is going throwing their hat into education following Apple and Google as they today announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire TenMarks, a company that is helping teachers and parents deliver innovative mathematics curriculum to students across the country.

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The SubPac M1 Is Here, Wearable Bass Technology

Wearable Bass tech

Interesting tech is coming out everyday, and we at Techaeris try to bring that tech to you, our readers. While the SubPac M1 doesn’t seem like it would be something for the everyday person, it certainly can be appreciated. So read StudioFeed’s Press Release below and learn a bit more about wearable Bass Tech. Very cool. 

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Philips And Accenture Deliver Proof Of Concept For Delivering Vital Patient Data Via Google Glass


Philips and Accenture announced today the creation of a proof-of-concept demo that uses Google Glass for researching ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of performing surgical procedures. Stories and press releases like these are sure to become more common place as Google Glass development continues to mature. Read on for the full Press Release.

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The Nest Smoke Detector


Nest Labs, Inc. released the below press release announcing their new smoke detector, this really looks very cool and could be an answer to many smoke detector headaches. Read on. 

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2014 Honda CR-Z Sport Hybrid Coupe

2014 Honda CRZ

So you are looking for a sporty little car that gives you good gas mileage to boot? Look no further than the 2014 Honda CR-Z Hybrid Coupe. Rated at 39mpg that’s pretty solid for a sports car with manual transmission. The 2014 CR-Z goes on-sale tomorrow, combining sleek styling, numerous standard features and sporty handling while maintaining terrific fuel efficiency.

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Zendure A-Series External Battery Is Tough


Zendure, a new electronics company based in East Palo Alto, has been turning heads on the internet with an unusual demonstration for its namesake smartphone battery: the founders ran over the battery several times with a Volvo and posted the video online.

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Indiegogo Multipath Router Combines Connections For Faster Speeds


Justin Collery developed Multipath Networks after he moved from his city center location to the suburbs and struggled to get fast and reliable broadband. Commercializing research developed in Ireland and Belgium he developed the Multipath router. Multipath technology aggregates Internet connections adding their speed and reliability. The router can bond any combination of technologies, DSL, Cable, 3G, 4G, wireless.

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Whatever Happened To The myRolltop Laptop?


Anyone remember the myRolltop laptop concept pitched back in 2009? With Samsung and LG soon to produce flexible displays on their smartphones do you think this laptop could see the light of day? Here’s a little background on the myRolltop.

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Motorola Extends Android Beyond The Moto X And Cell Phones


Motorola today announced three enterprise mobile computers running the most popular version of the Android operating system (OS) supported by new Extensions (Mx) by Motorola Solutions security features and the fourth generation of RhoMobile Suite’s cross-platform development framework. This new set of technologies and development tools will help businesses adapt, enhance, integrate and secure the Android OS for enterprise customers.

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