Sacramento Kings Give Fans A Google Glass Perspective


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Tech wearables are starting to gain traction in the mainstream, and no where is this more noticeable than with Google Glass. Virgin Atlantic is experimenting with Glass on select flights and the military is even taking a page from Glass to build their own version. Now Glass is making its way into the world of sports. The Sacramento Kings have plans on wearing Glass to give the fans a perspective of the game ranging from the sidelines to the cheerleaders view (and maybe soon the players perspective itself). Sacramento Kings Ben McLemore and Ray McCallum joined General Manager Pete D’Alessandro and Kings Assistant Coach Micah to demo the idea in a YouTube Video. I really enjoyed the first person perspective from the ball players point of view, check it out after the break.

The idea of using Glass in sporting events is actually pretty cool. Other sports like Nascar and F1 racing already provide us with a first person perspective using in car mounted cameras but sports like Football, Baseball and Basketball have yet to really do that. It remains to be seen how they will secure Glass on the players as these sports require tough physical contact which could result in Glass being jarred from the head. Until then seeing the coaches perspective or even the cheerleaders would be a fun little extra to enjoy. What do you think of Glass in sports? Is this just a passing fad destined for the pile of rejected fads? Or is this something you would legitimately want to see? I personally think this could be very cool if done the right way. There is always the chance it could really bomb if done the wrong way. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter and Facebook!

Source: USA Today

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