Review: Bell’O Digital BDH751 Sport Earbuds

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The world of headphones and earbuds is a vast sea of “what in the world should I buy!?” While at CES 2014 I spoke to no less than a dozen different headphone/earbud manufacturers. One of those companies was Bell’O Digital. They caught my eye with their beautiful, straight forward and minimal packaging of their sport earbuds. They were kind enough to send us a pair of their BDH751 sport earbuds to test out and review.

The Skinny

I’d never heard of Bell’O Digital until CES 2014, but looking at their website it seems they’ve been doing consumer electronic accessories for the past 25 years. The BDH751’s were packaged nicely in clear plastic with a cardboard sleeve bearing the Bell’O Digital branding. What stood out to me was the fact you could see the earbuds entirely through the front of the package. No need to wonder what was lurking inside. I like that, not afraid to show the goods. Yet another company who values the user experience from packaging to product.

After opening the package you’ll find the earbuds to be extremely lightweight. My review unit came in a bright green.  Black is also available, but the green is pretty cool looking. One of my biggest complaints about earbuds is they never stay put in my ear. So I was intrigued by the BDH751’s as they have a custom moldable ear hook. First let’s get the specs listed so you can see what you’re getting.


BDH751 Sport Headphones Feature
• In-line microphone
• Universal track control
• Precision bass
• Lightweight design using low mass metal construction
• Soft ear hook bends to a custom fit around your ear
• Weight balanced, tangle resistant cable
• 99% Oxygen free copper wire provides extraordinary signal transfer resulting in amazing sound
• 24K Gold-plated plug assures optimal connectivity
• Strain relief and fabric reinforced cable for strength

Before now the only earbuds that have ever fit my ears and stayed put have been the Apple EarPods that came with my 5s. Now I have to add Bell’O Digital’s BDH751’s to that short list. The custom ear hook really worked wonders. It kept the earbud right in place and never once did they fall out. Now, these things are made for sports use, so think about riding your bike, jogging, or doing the treadmill with these on. Out here in Chicago it’s way too cold (for me) to be riding my bike and jogging, and I’m too lazy to go find a treadmill! But the sweat resistance combined with the ear hook make for a perfect combo for active use.

So how do they sound? They sound awesome! These are a step way above my Apple EarPods, delivering a good, balanced  sound with a nice amount (not overdone and not undervalued) of bass. The ear hooks keep everything in place and the fit is nice and snug. Bell’O Digital has also incorporated a microphone so you can make and receive calls from the BDH751’s. You can also play, pause and skip tracks with the integrated buttons (works on most phones). Bell’O Digital also claims what they call “strain relief and fabric reinforcing cable”  which is supposed to add strength and durability to the cable.


Final Thoughts

The Bell’O Digital BDH751’s are top  notch earbuds that stay put. Their sound is amazingly clear with a great balance and a sensible tweak to the bass end. The quality of construction is evident from their packaging to the product. You can tell these were made by people who care about the product they’re selling. I don’t hesitate one bit in recommending these earbuds to anyone who is looking for a pair to use during workouts or just around the house. They’re well worth it and you won’t regret buying them at all. I give them 4.5 out of 5 stars. The BDH751’s will be available soon from Bell’O Digital’s website priced at $39.99. Hit the link  below to get to their site!

Bell’O Digital


Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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