Aercast Special Edition Google I/O 2014



Join a skeleton Aercast crew on this special edition installment while they discuss today’s Google I/O event. Tom Rodman, Justin Jelinek and Kevin Lemere discuss all things Google! Android Wear, Android UX/UI changes, and much, much more.

What was your favorite part of Google I/O? What are you looking forward to seeing? What do you think the competition has to do to compel you away from Android Wear?

Will you be buying the LG or Samsung Android Wear watch? Or will you wait for the Moto 360?

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Get Your Android Wear NOW! Samsung and LG release their Android Wear watches on the Playstore.

The Tom Rodman Google I/O Recap in type.

Android L Preview announced at Google I/O, this looks awesome!

Android Wear, why you should get this on your wrist NOW!

Moto 360 Face Design winner announced!


We will be back to our regularly scheduled bi-weekly episodes of Aercast next week, so be sure to join us then. You can keep an eye on the site for the release announcement, or simply subscribe with your favorite podcatcher! See you on the inter-webs!



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