OnePlus One To Be Joined By OneWatch?


OnePlus, the kind of off shoot of Oppo but not really, are making a name for themselves. They have released the excellent OnePlus One that we managed to get our hands on. They have not managed to put the handset on sale fully yet. Now there is a talk of a smart watch to join the talk of a successor.

The perfectly titled OneWatch has been leaked by BGR, showing a screenshot of what could be the second circular smart watch to make it to market. This is joined by some early design drawings and sketches. It may even trump the long awaited Moto 360 by featuring an OLED screen and sapphire glass.

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OnePlus have also incorporated a battery into the leather band of the watch, allowing for the watch body to be much smaller. This is especially appreciated, as they have also crammed in Qi wireless charging. This is something that is well lusted after considering the awful charging docks for both the GWatch and the Gear Live.

With all this technology crammed into the watch it’s hard to see it being as low priced of those on the market at the moment. Unless they adapt the same pricing structure they have with the OnePlus One, given the fact that Sapphire glass alone is not cheap to manufacture the cost will be high.

The presumption is that this is an Android Wear watch, however there is no word on what OS they will choose. One thing for sure is that if they choose to go with anything other than Android wear it will be difficult to drive adoption. However Android Wear will not let them skin the look a la Cyanogen or Color OS.

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Featured image courtesy BGR

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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