Google And Dropbox Backed Simply Secure Aims To Make Security Easier



Google and Dropbox have teamed up with the Open Technology Fund to back a new organization called Simply Secure which is aiming to make your security easier. With all the unease over privacy and security online and through our financial streams it’s easy to see why companies are taking it far more seriously.While various forms of mobile security have been available, Apple and Google both recently announced default encryption in both their newest mobile operating systems, iOS 8 and Android L, and people in general are finally taking security more seriously.

Simply Secure, and its mission is pretty straightforward: to make security easier to use, to ensure that technology respects the privacy of users and to empower people on how to properly use existing open-source security options. The organization will be working closely with security software creators to lend their expertise.

“While consumer-facing security tools exist and are technically effective, they often have low adoption rates because they’re inconvenient or too confusing for the average person to operate,” says Simply Secure in a press release. “Even well-known features like two-factor authentication, offered by many online services, are not widely used.”

The organization goes on to say that “no matter how effective security technologies are, people will not use them unless they become more accessible and easier to understand. We need simpler options for stronger security, available at our fingertips.”

There is truth in those last sentences. The average user, even though they shouldn’t, shuts down when a security or privacy task becomes to complex. Simply Secure will hopefully alleviate some of the burden of complexity from the user and help them along to better digitally securing themselves. What do you think of Simply Secure? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

Source: Tech Times and Simply Secure

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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