Texting Gun Could Help Police Catch Texting Drivers?


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Texting while driving is highly dangerous, I think anyone with their head screwed on straight will agree with that statement. In most places here in the United States it is illegal to text while driving or even talk on your cell phone (hands-free devices are acceptable in most areas). Now a Virginia company, ComSonics, has a new idea that would help police catch drivers who are texting a kind of “texting gun”.

When a cell phone is being used, it emits radio frequencies that can be picked up and detected. The frequency varies depending on what the phone is being used for—data, voice calling and, of course, texting—which can give a person away if they happen to be secretly tapping away at their phone out of view of any passersby.

ComSonics wants to turn this technology into a tool similar to a radar gun that would detect passing cars frequencies and bust texting drivers. There are sure to be some privacy issues brought up over this type of technology so don’t expect this tech out just yet. One of the main problems with this device is multiple passenger in cars, how would the officer prove the driver was actually texting if there are multiple phones? For now you don’t have to worry about the texting gun, but if ComSonics has there way you will in the future.

Source: DailyDot

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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