iPhone 6 Has A Bending Problem

Curved phones have been done before.  The LG G Flex holds the distinction of the first curved display smartphone and was met with a rather lukewarm reception.  It’s entirely possible that curved, or flexible smartphones will someday become popular, but that’s not really the point of this article.  Apple seems to have a slightly different problem on their hands.  Several customers are reporting that their brand new iPhones are bending.  More specifically, their devices have been bent out of shape, and Apple isn’t “bending” on making them pay for a repair or replacement.

9to5Mac has some of the incriminating information:

Image Courtesy of 9to5Mac

Image Courtesy of 9to5Mac

Some iPhone 6 owners have found that Apple’s latest and greatest phone comes with an unexpected (but patented!) new feature: flexibility. According to reports, the iPhone 6 is slightly bending beyond repair while in pockets. Some users say that the bending occurred after normal sitting, while other people have had more active lifestyles. Unfortunately, it does not appear that Apple will replace these more fragile-than-expected units at no cost. Some users are reporting that replacement costs are in the hundreds of dollars range.

Image Courtesy of 9to5Mac

Image Courtesy of 9to5Mac

I can understand that the first round of any new hardware might have some defects.  It’s happened with Android phones, it’ll happen with most any variety of device that people will use.  What makes significantly less sense to me is making the users pay to repair or replace a device that is literally days old.  Though I guess how does Apple expect to break sales records when people are only buying one new phone?

So far this does not seem to be a very widespread issue, though so far it also seems that many don’t yet have their devices.  Apple may quietly accept responsibility for this issue, and may even make some adjustments to future manufacturing runs.  It remains to be seen if Apple will eventually waver, and accept returns/exchanges on these bent devices.  If I were a betting man, I wouldn’t count on it though.


Do you have your iPhone6 yet?  Have you experienced any of these bending issues?  Let us know in the comments or on your favorite social network.

  Source: 9to5 Mac

Featured image courtesy of 9to5Mac

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