The Dragonfly Futurefön Hit Or Miss?


The Dragonfly Futurefön is a very unique Indiegogo project going on right now which, I might add, is fully funded. With nine days to go and already at $220,000 (as of this writing) it seems some users are longing for a device such as this. Dragonfly is attempting to bring three of your most used devices together into one convenient package: your smartphone, your tablet and your laptop all in one device.

On paper this looks like a great idea and it very well may be for a select number of users. Here’s what Dragonfly says about it’s Futurefön.

One Device to Unite Them All™: Introducing the Dragonfly! With its unique folding and transforming architecture, the Dragonfly Futurefön ™ capabilities extend far beyond any other single mobile device! The Dragonfly is the most flexible mobile platform, since it provides both a Windows and Android user experience out of the box. Made of high-quality aluminum uni-body construction, the Dragonfly is tough!


Dragonfly Futurefön Summary: The Dragonfly represents the next logical step in computing evolution. It provides an elegance and balance that has been sorely missing in mobile computing and finally allows you to have the tools, toys, and technology you want in one compact transforming, compromise-free device. The Dragonfly harmoniously removes the clutter, confusion, chaos and cost associated with having to buy and maintain multiple, separate devices.


This is an interesting looking device to say the least and kudos to the early adopters who are funding it. If Dragonfly is successful perhaps we’ll see more OEM’s entering this market and bringing along more innovation. What do you think of the Dragonfly Futurefön? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter. You can visit the Indiegogo campaign below if you want to back the project or check out more videos and pics.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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