Uber Driver Accused Of Being Homophobic


Uber, Uber, Uber. What is left to say in this tale of starlet start up, “bro-grammer” culture and huge PR disasters? Well it just doesn’t seem to stop in the tales of unacceptable behaviour from its hired drivers. Just weeks after a Chicago driver was caught driving under an account he made in his wife’s name, another driver in London allegedly removed a couple from their car for kissing.

Corey Watts and Jordan Sloat have described their ordeal when using Uber to travel from Covent Garden on New Year’s Day.  Speaking to ITV news, Jordan recalled the driver pulling over minutes after leaving. He then demanded they get out of the car, leaving them dumbfounded, on the side of the road with no other transport.

“We were kissing and cuddled next to each other when a minute or two after picking us up he pulled over and told us to get out,” Mr Sloat speaking to ITV News.

Not Uber Cool

When the driver was questioned why, his reply was something they didn’t expect to hear in the modern world. In clear reference to the couple kissing in the back of the car the driver replied “I take gays, but they don’t normally do this”. Watts did challenge the driver but he did not reply when asked if he would “do the same thing if it was a guy or a girl?”

The incident in question caught the couple off guard, saying they have never experienced any issues before. However everyone, including Uber, agree this is clearly not acceptable. Uber has suspended the driver in question while they investigate what the couple describe as “disgusting homophobia”. They have also refunded the charge they received for the short. Speaking to ITV news Uber responded to the incident saying:

“Uber does not tolerate any form of discrimination either by our partner drivers or towards our partner drivers. We opened an investigation from the moment we learned of this unacceptable incident and have been in contact with the rider to extend our sincere apologies and get further information.” – Uber spokesperson.

Where does the issues end for Uber, can they be expected to be liable for all of their drivers actions? Or should they be held up like any other transport company? Let us know your feelings and your experiences in the comments below or on your Social network of choice.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.

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