Blizzard Announces Big Heads In Heroes, T.I.N.D.R. For WoW, B’Motes, And More


As is a long and storied tradition with Blizzard Entertainment, major announcements for their biggest titles bmotescame out today, April Fools Day. Most notably is their newest standalone addition dubbed B’Motes which  features various packs of emotes from your favorite Blizzard titles. Touted as the new way to enhance your social gaming without detracting from your DPSing, B’Motes will streamline effective communication online for all levels of gaming socialites.

World of Warcraft will be getting a new feature to compliment the already implemented Photo T.I.N.D.R.-wow-blizzardB.O.M.B. and S.E.L.F.I.E. Camera, called a T.I.N.D.R. Box. The Box will allow garrison followers to take some much needed time away from doing their gruelling and dangerous missions for you to run off and find love. Once earned, the T.I.N.D.R. Box can be used on any level 100 follower where they will ignore any and all commands from you while wandering hopelessly around, swiping left and right trying to find their one true love. Pleaseure-bot 8000 will also leave his station and operate as the facilitator between the love-struck followers.

New changes to the Master Looting Options will also be available, giving raid leaders four subcategories: Master Looter, Submissive Looter, Passive Aggressive Looter, and MS>OS (which is no different than Master Looter but everyone keeps asking for it). To avoid confusion, Undead and Forsaken have been re-named to Walkers, and all active subscribers are now game design interns. More details on the April Fools Patch Notes can be found here.

Wook at his big wittle head. It’s so cute!

Heroes of the Storm has added a new feature to all of their heroes called Big Head Mode and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Players can now rush lanes, collect objectives, and defeat their opponents with chibi-style, enlarged heads making the characters even more lovable than ever thought possible before. Adding not only size but plenty of majesty to the heroes, the feature is live in-game right now for an unknown period of time. Though the notes caution players that the added size and HD quality visuals might not be helpful against opponents that specialize in headshots. Despite that small risk, judging on the enormity of awesomeness, we’re hoping they keep this one around for a while.

Hearthstone, not one to be left out of shenanigans, released its patch notes today with a new HD rendition of the Classic Card Back, available to players who achieve Rank 20 during the Ranked Play season. Players will also be able to open card packs by gently blowing on their screens. Re-naming of various cards includes: Crush renamed to Big Gross Demon Foot and Mistress of Pain to HD-card-backMistress of Uncomfortableness. And Snowchugger has finally gotten the recognition he deserves and will be 8/8 due to cuteness and will be eating snow less aggressively due to multiple brain freezes. A new card type called Ninjas was added and originally always beat Pirates, but if you continue along they changed it so that Pirates can beat Ninja’s, but no confirmation on whether for the former or latter note is true. However, despite the confusion you can read the full list of hilarity on the official Hearthstone patch notes page.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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