Simpliday offers a visually appealing way to manage a calendar


Business professionals spend a large amount of time in their calendars and they’re often drab to look at. Simpliday looks to change that. The iOS calendar tries to simplify the calendar process by removing the need for toggling between multiple apps. The app comes in the wake of Sunrise Calendar’s sunset next month.

You’ll see the standard options of viewing your calendar in day, week, or month formats. You’ll see your reminders alongside your calendar. Users will be able to assign reminders to others. If you have a file, image, or description, that can be included as well. Simpliday connects to your cloud services including Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, and One Drive.

Users will also be able to turn an email into a meeting or a reminder with simple action-swipes, all without leaving the app. The app itself connects with various email types including Exchange accounts, Gmail, Hotmail, iCloud, IMAP accounts, Outlook, and Yahoo. Johan Gunnars, CEO & Co-Founder of Simpliday, explained the app’s philosophy.

People all over the world are bonded by a need to organize their daily activities and reminders to accomplish and enjoy what is important to them. We created Simpliday to simplify busy lives with a calendar app that is collaborative, personalized, and beautiful, leaving users with a sense of accomplishment, efficiency and peace of mind.

The app also features a drag-n-drop functionality that allows users to move previously scheduled meetings, appointments and reminders. Phone calendars are then updated simultaneously. All of this is done in a visually appealing manner. Users will be able to set the background image of their choice.

The app is available in the App Store and has been out for about a month and this week Simpliday introduced a paid version. The paid version includes fancy ways of sending invitations. You’ll see a sample of these fancy invites below.

Simpliday offers fancy invites
Simpliday offers fancy invites via SMS, Facebook and email.

So if you’re in the market for a Sunrise replacement and want something visually appealing, you may want to give Simpliday a look. Which calendar do you use on your mobile device? Let us know on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or in the comment section below.

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