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Video game storage solutions are a huge must these days for some gamers. The new Xbox One X has a video game storage capacity of 1 terabyte but with the size of today’s video games, that’s barely enough. I not only have the 1TB on my Xbox One X for games but I also purchased 2TB Seagate Game Drive for extra storage. My storage solution is small potatoes compared to others who are in the double digits when it comes to storage capacity.

As video games have changed, so has the way we store them. Back in the day, everything was stored on small chips on video game cartridges. Then we moved on to discs, hard drives, solid-state drives, and now internal soldered on storage.

Video games have increased in capacity so it’s natural that video game storage had to change as well. Some of these new Xbox games are 90GB+ and downloading a handful of those eats up a lot of the space in the console. It makes sense that video games are larger since there is far more going on with them than ever before. Graphics are much more realistic and gameplay is much more fluid. The gaming experience is the best it has ever been but it’s coming at the cost of storage.

The folks over at Storage Centres have an interesting infographic they shared with us that shows the evolution of video game storage. Check it out below.

video game storage

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Last Updated on December 1, 2017.


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