Spidey: School’s Out #3 review: Enter the Black Panther

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I’m really loving Spidey: School’s Out from comiXology/Marvel. To read it, you have to buy it digitally on comiXology or be a comiXology Unlimited member to read it for free. The perks of digital are growing! For a refresher on issue #2, check out our previous review.

Going into issue #3, Peter is dealing with his friends hating on Spider-man for trying to kill him, which is impossible since they are one and the same but that’s the life of our friendly neighborhood wall-crawler. Peter’s Stark Science Camp friend GG is trying to figure out how her hologram science project could go so wrong from the last issue. Since Tony is away, he asked the Black Panther (showing up with his guards from the movie to protect him) to stop by and investigate the craziness that just went down. Of course, this leads to Spidey and Black Panther going a few rounds but when all is said and done, it may have been worth it, because by the sound of things, someone at the camp knows Peter’s secret but who could it be?

The story by John Barber is light, without baggage, and just fun. You can jump into this series at any time and just enjoy it. I believe the full series will run for 6 issues in total so hopefully, enough people will check it out and it can become an ongoing. The great interior art is once again by Todd Nauck and Rachelle Rosenberg while the cover art is by David Nakayama. The art just screams “fun” to me.

Wrap Up

I’ll recommend this because it’s a fun book that looks great, it updates Spidey in ways that are modern, yet holds to the personality of the Peter we all love and know. Those who watch the Marvel’s Spider-man cartoon will easily enjoy this version too. So why not check it out and enjoy the issues between the wait for the next episode of the cartoon? It’s a good read for all ages to enjoy. So check it out!

Last Updated on July 5, 2018.

Spidey: School's Out #3








Nailed it

  • It's a fun Spidey book with no baggage.
  • A modern take on the characters that work perfectly.

Needs work

  • We're half way through the series and I want more.

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