The Samsung Sero will let you view your Instagram and photo gallery in portrait mode


The technology to mirror your smartphone to your TV has been a thing for some time now. But the major problem with the technology is that our TVs are stuck in landscape mode and most of our smartphone content lives in portrait mode. This makes viewing your photo gallery or Instagram feed much less fun on your TV. Well, Samsung has the right TV for you millennials out there who live in a portrait-oriented world!

The Samsung Sero is a 43” vertical television that the company has optimized for social media content i.e. to view Instagram followers, posts, likes, and more. This is the same content you would normally view on your phone but might want to share with family and friends in a bigger format. We don’t have details on the resolution of the Samsung Sero but we’re assuming it is 4K UHD, given that Samsung does great 4K TVs.

The new Sero will use NFC to pair to your smartphone making it a breeze to connect and start sharing your content with friends and family. The Sero also comes with 4.1 channel 60-watt speakers with support for Samsung’s digital assistant, Bixby.

Samsung Sero Vertical Position
Samsung Sero Vertical Position

The Sero isn’t just made for social media sharing at home, you can share pictures, clocks, sound walls, and much more. This is very similar to Samsung’s The Frame TV which falls into their lifestyle line. You also don’t have to worry about being stuck in portrait mode as the Sero has the ability to rotate to landscape mode. This will allow you to watch normal TV shows, so this isn’t a one trick pony.

Samsung Sero Landscape Position

Samsung Sero Landscape Position

The Sero will be available in Samsung’s home market, South Korea, by the end of May 2019 with a price tag of KRW₩1.9 million, or about US$1,600.

The Sero might be a concept style TV and is certainly aiming at a niche market, and it will be interesting to see how well the concept works. This is likely not going to be a major seller for the company, but it’s nice to see Samsung continue to try new things and serve niche markets.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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