Lock it up: 5 reasons why your business needs better storage solutions


Storage is something that’s not generally given much thought when opening a new business or revamping an old one. Much like oxygen, we tend to forget about it until we don’t have it. But don’t hold your breath, storage solutions are much easier to integrate than you’d think. Different sizes, shapes, veneers, and security systems keep your lockers looking just as fresh as the rest of your space.

Storage is a business’s best friend, especially if it’s used in a smart and innovative way. In fact, the main reason we don’t sit and marvel at the storage solutions that any high-end retailer has is that it’s integrated so flawlessly, you don’t generally see it.

“It doesn’t really matter what type of business you run if a customer sees piles of paperwork or rows of unruly inventory, it’s going to raise concerns about just how effectively that business is run.” Says a Premier Lockers consultant.

Shortly after a relaunch of their website, the team that knows all about organization came to a glowing epiphany. “It was sort of a commendation to what we sell. We realized that once we created a cleaner and smoother website, we had a better business.”

The spokesperson contends that it’s not just an online presence that is in need of decent organization, but offices spaces and storefronts too. Here are the top five reasons that Stands and his team believe better storage equals better business.

Encourage Buying with Simplicity

Remember the time you went to that restaurant and their menu was basically an encyclopedia of the culinary world? For most people, the pressure of leafing through the Wikipedia of food choices becomes stressful, instead of satisfying. “Everyone likes options, sure, but too many can be really overwhelming.” He says. By overwhelming your customers from the get-go, you create a panic and loss of focus. Leaving them to look elsewhere for a better solution.

Clean Space, Clean Operations

If your inventory or storefront is higgledy-piggledy, customers automatically assume that’s exactly what they can expect from your products and services as well. “Customers that are looking for a solution or are item-specific shopping expect staff to be knowledgeable and product-focused.” Which is pretty difficult when you have every item you sell smashed amongst rows of endless shelving. It’s like they say – jack of all trades is a master of none. A clean and streamlined business is a secure and focused one. “If it looks like you don’t care about your inventory, why should anyone else?”

Accidents Happen

A cluttered workspace is a perfect place to become distracted, or worse, sustain an injury. Tripping hazards, awkwardly placed items, or storing inventory haphazardly and close together are easy lawsuits. “Even offices can improve functionality from an ergonomically placed personal storage locker system” The spokesperson confides. “It makes your staff and customers feel more secure, while at the same time keeps hazards at bay.”

Keep Your Inventory Safe

“If you have things that are dangerous or precious, they have to be locked up. This is exactly why police stations have lockers everywhere you look. It not only keeps people safe, but it also keeps products intact.” He suggests that businesses with valuable merchandise choose the best pieces to be displayed and put the rest into a storage system. “This not only keeps employers and customers free from harm but also gives the impression of exclusivity.”

Create Calm

Whether you’re selling socks or life insurance, your storefront needs to have a calm atmosphere to set your customers at ease. Every business has something that needs to be around but doesn’t necessarily need to be placed in the window. Important documents, office supplies, or personal items need to have convenient and easily accessible areas that aren’t anxiety-inducing to look at. Storage lockers, cubbies, and cupboards are all great places to stash necessary items that only serve to detract from the overall sense of continuity. “This is where lockers come in really handy for a lot of different businesses. They look incredible and they are also secure.”

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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