[IFA 2019] The Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G may have overcome its faults


We are here at IFA 2019 and we’ve been seeing some cool tech all around. One of the more cooler pieces of tech isn’t all that new. The Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G. Now, the Fold was announced earlier this year and Samsung sent out early review units to some press. That first batch of press reviewers were a little confused by the display thinking it had a screen protector on it.

Some of those reviewers tried to peel the display up and ended up damaging the device and having to get another from Samsung. To our eyes, it was painfully obvious this was not a screen protector but not everyone is as astute as we are here, but I digress. The Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G has solved that issue as well as the issue of dirt and dust getting in under the display.

This time Samsung believes it is ready to actually release the Fold as they intended to before and they have overcome the faults. The dirt and dust issue was solved by adding a hinge cover to the top and bottom of the device. This cover keeps dirt and debris from creeping under the Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G display. It’s a simple solution but effective.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G
The build quality and design are top notch

The display problem has been solved by adding a plastic bezel/bumper around the display. This keeps users from seeing the edges of the polymer display and that means curiosity is mitigated, keeping those without common sense from playing with the edge of the screen.

We had about 30-minutes of hands-on time with the Fold and we walked away very impressed. Yes, there are some things I would want to change but overall, this is an excellent first second attempt at a folding smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G feels great in my hand, but there will be many who will have to use it with two hands. The build quality is outstanding and it really feels like you are handling a luxury device.

App Continuity works excellent here and the multi-tasking three windows open at the same time is perfect for productivity. In our short time with the Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G, I have to say, if you can afford it then it may be worth it.

For most users though, you might want to wait for the second or third generation. This will ensure most of the bugs and design issues are totally worked out. For early adopters, this is something that you will want to get your hands on as soon as you can.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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