Can floor-standing speakers be used for surround sound?


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Home theater is one of the best ways of entertaining friends and family. Some would consider the speakers to be the cornerstone with floor-standing (or tower speakers) pulling it all together. Whenever you wish for entertainment or want to entertain your family and friends, you want a speaker setup that will highlight the music or movies you are presenting. In several speaker packages, you can get a basic channel setup. And you can wind up with the center speaker, 2 satellite speakers, and bass speaker or subwoofer. The expensive packages may include 2 or more satellite speakers, depending on what version surround system it is.

Lots of receivers can allow you to connect multiple speakers to just one channel which will enhance the sound further. If you are looking to create an ideal speaker system for home theater, then consider using tower speakers as the cornerstone of your theater experience.

Understanding more about floor-standing speakers

Floor-standing speakers are generally seen as highly specialized speakers. They’re sometimes known as floor or tower speakers. If you are looking for the best sound for listening to music, then floor-standing speakers are the best option, and they will also be great in a home theater setup. The frequency range most people hear is 20Hz – 20kHz and this kind of speaker can handle all of that up to 30Hz.

The physical size of the speakers means that they are designed to reproduce low bass frequencies, but they also have good clarity of high and mid frequencies. They are designed to stand on the floor – thus the name – which helps give them that solid bass response.

The primary reason that floor-standing speakers are tall is that every tower can hold multiple drivers. All of these speakers can play precise frequencies with the exact crossover between them.

Some floor-standing speakers can be very attractive.

Contemporary Style

Some would say that the best tower speakers are highly visible. The majority of the competition is either tucked away in the corner, or they are hidden between books. They’re small so will blend into your surroundings, which some people do prefer. But people who are quite serious about their home theater setup want the system to stay visible. Tower speakers are contemporary and sleek in style, which will go with any kind of theater design that you have in your home.

Provide Added Sound

There are many styles of tower speakers you can buy that will add to your theater system. The most popular version of the best tower speakers has one or more speakers in every tower. These multiple speaker towers may have a main speaker and a few smaller speakers and tweeters. The other speakers will add depth to its sound, including bass. Combined, these will create a rich sound with lots of richness.


The best tower speakers are added in any surround sound setup package that you have purchased. You may easily connect these speakers or hide them in corners and between books whereas tower speakers are seen easily as they are floor units. Because you added tower speakers in your system doesn’t mean you need to totally give up on the sound quality. When you are highly satisfied with the speaker system tower speakers are added easily. All you have to do is connect your tower speaker wires to the receiver’s left & right speaker channels.

Slim Design

There are some speakers that are quite large, making them tough to set up or maintain a clean look in your home theater system. Some years ago tower speakers resembled amplifiers such as you would see at a large concert. Now, rather than being squat and wide, they are slender and tall. This allows you to place them anywhere in the theater design and they won’t take up a lot of horizontal space.

Best Quality Sound

Irrespective of the current speaker system there is room for improvement. Tower speakers will add great improvement at a nominal cost. Tower speakers can become the cornerstone and the workhouse of the home theater.

Drivers and cones help create the sound.

How Does This Work?

A speaker creates sound by using one particular device, a driver, to vibrate the speaker cone. There are many different drivers and cones available. In simple terms, a driver moves the cone of the speaker back and forth at a fast pace creating sound waves. With smaller speakers & headphones, often there is just one, sometimes two, cones which are very small. This adversely affects the range and quality of the sound that this speaker can produce because various cones are better suited to particular ranges in the human audible spectrum.

The larger size of floor-standing speakers enables them to have individual cones for every speaker that modern electronics permit to get networked together in the intricate and detailed fashion. This artisan-level engineering and craftsmanship results in a sound system that provides specialized hardware for each individual part of the range of frequencies that the human ear can interpret. There’s nothing like floor-standing speakers to have natural and accurately reproduced sound.

Suppose you are looking for a good set of speakers for home. You should consider buying free-standing speakers rather than smaller speakers or even a soundbar. Definitely, the cost of the free-standing speakers might be a little higher since you have to buy a set of them. However, the benefits you will get from using these types of speakers can far outweigh their costs.

Get more depth in the sound

When you’re buying free-standing surround speakers, you may purchase them in many different configurations and sizes. If you buy the complete set of free-standing speakers, the sound quality they will produce will be amazing. You’re will be astounded by their sounds and tones which the multiple standing speakers will produce whenever you buy this set together.

Astonishing style

The designs of many free-standing and tower speakers are quite striking and attention-grabbing. You may want a speaker that appears good by itself, but getting a few free-standing speakers might be a better option. You can put such types of speakers in your home theatre system, and you are certain to make the setup look very cool. Suppose you are looking to impress and entertain people not only with the sound quality of the speakers but also their look, then you must get the best tower speakers.

Best versatility

Suppose you want true surround sound that will produce the best audio quality for different types of media, it’s probably best to purchase tower speakers. These types of speakers are ideal for all kinds of the audio as they are very versatile in creating audio and sounds of all type. Tower speakers will easily play any kind of music you want, without any loss in the quality. They will handle audio of gaming that you might play on consoles like Xbox or PlayStation. They will also deliver the best movie audio quality. Suppose you had free-standing speakers set at home, then your TV will certainly rival or at least come close to what you might experience at a movie theater.


Suppose you want to have these benefits of having a tower or free-standing speakers, you will need to take a little time to look for the best one very carefully. Many speakers are sold in the market, and not all offer the same amazing quality of sound and construction so shop carefully and consider all your options.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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