Limited edition May the 4th SCUF Impact controller available for 24 hours only

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As any geek or movie fanatic knows, today is May the 4th which celebrates all things Star Wars. For those that don’t, May the 4th is a play on the Star Wars quote “May the force be with you.” As part of May the 4th, SCUF Gaming has released a VERY limited edition SCUF Impact controller: the SG-54.

The SCUF Impact is compatible with both the PlayStation 4 and PCs. It features four paddle controls, quick shift trigger stops, adjustable hair triggers, trigger covers with extenders, digital triggers, digital tap bumpers, and more. These customizable controllers can be ordered with different colours and designs to suit your taste.

In addition, interchangeable thumbsticks with SCUF’s impact ring lock system are available. Gamers can choose from domed or concave profiles in short, standard, or long heights. Different grip choices are available as well including military grade and high-performance grips. The SCUF Impact really provides truly customizable options for casual and hardcore gamers alike.

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The limited-edition SCUF Impact SG-54 May the 4th is a 24-hour time-limited release, with only 100 being made available. It features all the same great features of the regular SCUF Impact PlayStation 4 controller but with a custom design. The faceplate features a black and blue faded finish with stars and yellow streaks across it. On the left side of the front is a PEW PEW graphic in the style of the Star Wars logo. Rounding out the customizations are blue and read impact ring locks and blue and red bumpers.

The limited edition May the 4th SCUF Impact PlayStation 4 controller
The limited edition May the 4th SCUF Impact PlayStation 4 controller.

The May the 4th limited edition SG-54 SCUF Impact controller will be available starting today at noon E.T. for 24 hours on the SCUF Gaming website. You’ll want to jump in quick if you want to snag one as only 100 are available worldwide. Pricing starts at US$169.95.

Are you going to be trying to get your hands on the limited edition SG-54 May the 4th SCUF Impact controller? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, or MeWe.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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