Beware the “We Came Across A Parcel” Scam


These days, your digital security is in your hands. It’s important to stay alert and aware when receiving emails, Facebook messages, text messages, and social media notifications, so you’re not duped into a potential theft of your data. Many people have fallen for a scam like the one that’s popping up this week. The “We Came Across A Parcel” scam is being sent via text messages now.

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It’s important to note that the scam name may differ from “we came across a parcel” to “we came across a package” or another similar verbiage. Similar messages have been sent via email as well. Messages informing users that there is a package on hold or a box or parcel of theirs ended up in their possession. Most of the time, these messages contain a link for you to click to claim your property or package. Do not click those links as they are a scam or spam.

We Came Across A Parcel

We’ve already received two different messages today with the “we came across a parcel” scam, and we did not click the links. There’s no telling what these scammers are phishing after. It could be anything from personal information to trying to scam you into a sale. Or possibly hijacking your device and holding it for ransom. Below is a screenshot of one of the messages we received tonight.

we came across a parcel scam

The phone number this scammer is using is listed above, but we do know of other numbers they have been using. Please keep in mind that some of these numbers may be SPOOFED, and they may be actual legit phone numbers. Please do not call them or text them back. Either block them or ignore/delete the message.

The List

  • 917-705-3361
  • 917-941-7096
  • 917-868-0599
  • 401-225-7193
  • 917-226-6739
  • 917-834-7956
  • 322-228-7654
  • 917-753-8314
  • 714-454-8150
  • 716-419-2921
  • 917-868-1070
  • 917-940-4655
  • 917-868-6479
  • 718-877-2007
  • 917-864-5714
  • 917-868-2709
  • 714-519-8406
  • 478-246-3253
  • 646-954-8056
  • 718-288-5391
  • 646-468-8225
  • 917-209-7748
  • 213-713-6102
  • 321-478-0614
  • 917-825-7375
  • 347-443-4184
  • 917-862-4468
  • 917-873-0995
  • 714-642-3785
  • 917-930-3378
  • 321-213-7459

UPDATE: Thanks to all who have submitted numbers. Please feel free to add the numbers to the comments below but we’re probably going to stop adding to this particular list. We’d also like to say welcome to those who have just discovered our website, we hope you stick around!

What to do?

If you’ve received the “we came across a parcel” text message or email and want to share the phone number with us. Feel free to post a comment below so we can add it to the list. In the meantime, stay alert for scam text messages like these and be sure to warn your non-tech-savvy friends and family about this latest scam.

Have you received this scam text message or email? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, or Facebook. You can also comment on our MeWe page by joining the MeWe social network.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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