13 smart and tech-connected gift ideas for the home


As the holidays gear into full swing, now is the time to find the best gifts for the people in your life. It’s time to create your wishlist as well! Smart gadgets and systems are practical, tech-connected gifts that cover a range of needs. Whether you’re looking for gifts to introduce someone into the smart home world or for someone who already loves smart gadgets, here are the best to choose from:

1. Ring Video Doorbell 3

2020 has been the year of change. COVID-19 has disrupted daily life. Having a video doorbell from Ring helps keep things contactless and germless. Communicate with people at your door through the app, while at home or somewhere else in the world. After a quick installation, just connect the doorbell to Wi-Fi and it’s ready to go.

Get Ring’s Video Doorbell 3 today. It’s currently on sale for $140, down $60 from its original price.

2. Philips SmartSleep Light

For anyone looking to get a better night’s sleep, the smart light from Philips will help you sleep and wake up, feeling refreshed. The device measures the temperature, noise, light, and humidity levels in a room and recommends changes that would improve sleep. Then, let it guide you through breathing as the light calms you.

Then, it has an alarm clock feature, too — you’ll never need another device! Philips lists the SmartSleep Light at $155, currently on sale from the standard price.

3. SwitchBot Bot

If you’re looking for a smart gadget that’s practical and inexpensive, you can go for the handy light switch boy from SwitchBot. This device lets a homeowner turn on and off light switches automatically. Put the bot by a switch, tell it to turn the lights on or off and let it work in seconds. It’s convenient and can run on a schedule for your overhead lights, coffee maker, computer and anything else you can think of.

Get it today for $29, on sale from $35.

4. Tile Pro

For anyone who wants to keep from misplacing and losing their personal belongings, Tile Pro will be an invaluable gift. It’s small, yet powerful and can track your items. All you have to do is clip it on and download the app. If you lose something, use the app to track it and get it back. This company also makes Tile Mate for pets!

The Tile Pro is available today for $35. You can also purchase multiple, in packs for an additional price.

5. Amazon Echo Dot

You’ll find plenty of Amazon smart devices on the market, but the Echo Dot is perhaps one of the company’s most practical. It’s cost-effective and can cater to your every need. Play music, turn on the lights, lock the doors and do so much more. The Amazon Echo Dot can integrate with other smart tech systems, too, to bring you these capabilities. It’s the home assistant everyone could use!

The Echo Dot is available today for $29 on Amazon.

6. Oxo 8 Cup Coffee Maker

For all the coffee lovers out there, Oxo’s 8-cup maker will be the perfect gift. Its technology senses when the coffee is done and doesn’t overdo it — no scorched grounds! Additionally, this coffee maker doesn’t drip, so you don’t need to worry about messes or wasting anything. With the right sensors, Oxo’s model will brew the best coffee ever.

Currently, this coffee maker is on sale for $136, down from the original price of $170. Get yours today!

7. WaterGuru Sense

Anyone who has an inground pool will love this product from WaterGuru. The company specializes in helping you achieve the healthiest water possible. Use WaterGuru Sense to test your water levels, year-round. The gadget stays in your skimmer to gather the best samples possible, whereas other brands only get surface levels.

Instead, use Sense to get accurate readings of chlorine, pH, and temperature. Monitor it all right from the mobile app. You can get WaterGuru Sense for $295.

8. Anova Precision Cooker

Anyone who loves to cook or is looking to get started on their cooking adventures will love the precision cooker from Anova. This smart gadget works with the app to bring you the best recipes. It connects over Wi-Fi and is great for heating water, the sous vide-way. Get the right accuracy for everything you make, with Anova.

You can purchase this smart cooking gadget on sale today for $140, down from $200.

9. SimpliSafe Home Security

Home security is of the utmost importance. Traditionally, a security system requires a professional to come and install the sensors and central hub. However, with SimpliSafe, you can purchase a bundle of motion-detecting sensors and alarms to put at various locations within your home. The system stays on 24/7 and can integrate with other systems and devices like Alexa and Google.

With SimpliSafe, you have plenty of packages to choose from, with models starting around $114 and increasing in price with more features.

10. GE Smart Microwaves

GE has plenty of appliances that are high-tech and great at saving energy. One of the best to choose from is the smart microwave. This device is unlike any other because you can scan barcodes for items and the microwave suggests how long to cook it for. No more guessing and having your food come out cold!

You can purchase the GE microwave oven today for $144. It’s sure to be a convenient way to get your food faster.

11. Wyze Cam

Having technology around the house doesn’t have to cost you a lot. The Wyze Cam is a high-definition camera that you can place at any location, even outside. You’ll get clear, 1080p quality video, night vision and two-way audio. Access the video stream right from your phone.

The v3 model, which costs $20, begins shipping in January 2021. If you need this gift before then, you can purchase the v2 model for $20 as well.

12. Philips Hue Light Strips

Who doesn’t love ambient lighting? With Philips Hue White and Color light strips, you can line any room, cabinet or object with elegant lighting. Go with the standard neutral color, or bring out the different colors — you get them all in this set. Then integrate it with Siri or your Apple Home Kit and control the lights to your liking.

You can get the set today from Home Depot for $80.

13. Google Nest Mini

When it comes to getting a gift that’s perfect for both people who aren’t used to smart tech and people who love it, you can’t do much better than the Google Nest Mini. This home assistant does it all — plays music, sets alarms and reminders, turns off the lights and answers any questions you may have. Everyone could one this holiday season!

Buy the Google Nest Mini today for just $49 — a bargain for such a high-tech gadget.

Gift Giving for Everyone

With these smart gadgets, you’ll find a range of interests and needs. They cover everything from your morning cup of coffee to getting a good night’s rest. Choose the gifts that suit the people in your life. They’re sure to be the best surprises of the season.

What do you think of these smart gadgets? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, or Facebook. You can also comment on our MeWe page by joining the MeWe social network.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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