Jamstack 2 is the next generation of this clip-on amp


We’ve covered Jamstack in the past and were supposed to get a review unit of the last generation, but never did. So we can’t speak on how good or bad the first generation was. But given that Jamstack 2 is being worked on, it looks like it may have been successful.

Like the first generation, Jamstack 2 is being crowdfunded on Indiegogo. As of this article, it looks like the cheapest bundle on Indiegogo is US$282 for the Wireless bundle. There is a Super Bundle that includes a few extra goodies. Here’s what the company’s press release has to say about the latest version of its portable amp:

Jamstack is gearing up for the release of the second generation of the portable/attachable Jamstack Amp, with a whole new app and software to change the way musicians play, record, and share their music. The JS2 will interact with your smartphone to control 1000’s of tone settings, creating sound quality and volume you won’t believe can come out of such a tiny amplifier. Jamstack CEO and Dragon’s Den Alumnus Chris Prendergast spent over a year digitally recreating the world’s best gear, circuit by circuit, to create the most realistic virtual gear experience on the market.

The new app will give players the ability to play along to any music on their smartphone, record music directly onto their device, and share and collaborate with other users. Its unique 2-way wireless capabilities turn it into a Bluetooth speaker – making it the world’s best Bluetooth speaker for its size and the world’s only stereo wireless amplifier for networked audio – for listening to music from your phone, your home stereo, your entertainment system, or on-the-go. The small speakers pack a punch with their custom 2.5” drivers and 30W output, at a volume you won’t believe can come from a package only weighing 1.78 lbs, earning its place as the world’s smallest true modeling amplifier.

With the increase in guitar sales during the pandemic, the folks at Jamstack have kept in mind the needs of players – from beginners to pros – who are learning, practicing, recording, and collaborating from home, and they are the only amp to offer seamless 3rd party app integration. The Jamstack is designed for ‘acoustic-level’ portability, encouraging electric players to pick up and play their instruments with the same ease as an acoustic instrument.

Jamstack 2

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