Here are some of the best subreddits for security-conscious redditors


Reddit is best known as a social media platform where people share memes and fight about emojis, but it’s a lot more than that. The platform provides a great place to connect with different communities and learn more about various broad and niche subjects. Cybersecurity-centered subreddits abound, each focusing on a different area of interest within the field.

It’s no surprise that various subreddits for security-conscious people are becoming more and more popular. These days, all types of cybersecurity issues are very relevant. We tend to see more cyber threats than ever before, so tech-savvy people are trying to find ways to fight this.

Whether someone wants to learn more about hacking, needs help with their studies, or wants to stay up to date on cybersecurity news – there’s a subreddit for that. Here’s a look at the top subreddits for security-minded people across the globe.

For Students and Workers

For some people, security topics are not just a hobby. Some redditors have chosen this as their career, and these subreddits are a great way to discuss cybersecurity topics or get answers to important questions. Of course, some of these subreddits might be more connected to IT in general, but cybersecurity topics are always appreciated either way.


This is a great resource for any student currently working on IT-related degrees or certifications. Questions are welcome, and the sub has regular discussions about network security topics, like how to run penetration tests. For anyone who wants to start learning about information security and its different branches, this is a great place to start. A lot of the topics are quite simple, so it’s perfect for students in various IT fields.


While “netsec” is short for network security, that isn’t the only topic discussed on this sub. It’s an active sub where people go to learn more about a range of security topics and discuss technical problems and questions on cybersecurity. Generally, the discussions here focus on the security of larger organizations, but everyone’s welcome.


As the name implies, this sub is for anyone working or studying in cybersecurity-related fields. There are posts about new job positions opening up around the globe every week, and it’s a great place to connect with potential new employers. The community is also friendly and very helpful when someone needs to ask about career or employer advice.

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Hacking: How to Stay Safe

Don’t be afraid of the titles of some of these subreddits. They are a great place to talk about white hat or grey hat hacking which can actually be beneficial. These pages also give you an opportunity to be aware of the latest data breaches and virus outbreaks. Let’s take a look at the main subreddits for these topics.


This subreddit with a massive following is the place for anyone who’s ever wanted to learn about hacking. Any questions or posts related to hacking are welcome, although the focus here is on white hat and grey hat hacking rather than black hat. So posts praising illegal exploits may not be as well-received.

Constructive collaboration and learning about exploits, industry standards, new hardware, and software hacking technology are allowed. Anyone can also share security suggestions for small businesses and individuals.


The name may be a tad juvenile, but this is an important sub for keeping track of which records have been exposed. The good thing is, it’s an active sub with regular posts about the latest data breaches, making it one of the best places to keep track of compromised information. Most of the posts focus on bigger data breaches, however, so it’s not an extensive source on the subject.


Keeping up to date with the latest malware and virus outbreaks isn’t just important for cybersecurity professionals. It should be a priority for everyone. Knowing about a new form of malware can make the difference between becoming the victim of a zero-day attack and staying protected. While this subreddit isn’t very helpful for advice on removing malware, it does provide a lot of valuable information. It’s definitely valuable to join this discussion.


Cryptography is one of the main branches of cybersecurity, and it focuses on different techniques for coding and decoding data. This subreddit is a combination of different topics like math, programming, and encryption techniques, as well as cryptography news.

These subreddits are slightly less generic. If you want to learn more about the legal aspects of cybersecurity or how to improve business network security, then this is the place for you. Of course, some things might already be covered in previous subreddits, but these are more suitable for people who want to learn more about various regulations and how to implement them in the business world.


If there’s one place where cybercrime, digital privacy, and global laws collide, it’s in this subreddit. The intersection between digital problems and regulation is a very interesting – and necessary – topic. There are constantly new developments in this area and plenty of news to share, both about the implementation and lack of necessary laws.

This subreddit is also good for getting legal advice about laws that may impact a developer or company. Although, it explicitly states that any advice that is given here shouldn’t replace that of a legal expert. Definitely keep that in mind before doing something important.


Like r/netsec, this sub handles all manner of topics related to enterprise/business network security. Educational posts or questions are also allowed, but the moderators here are more strict about the type of posts that are allowed on the sub. Only posts related to enterprise security, data center management, SP, and business networking make the cut. So anyone who’s looking for more general or individual cybersecurity advice will have to visit a different sub.


Given that network security is the theme of this discussion, remember to use a VPN while browsing online to keep the connection protected and private. What is a VPN? A virtual private network (VPN) encrypts an internet connection to keep third parties from peeking in and stealing any information. It’s also a great tool for getting some more anonymity online, and it’s very easy to use, so everyone can stay on the safe side of the internet. That said, every one of these security-related subreddits is a fantastic starting point for anyone who’s interested in learning more about cybersecurity. Always remember to be respectful and follow each sub’s individual rules when posting or commenting.


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