Unboxing Samsung’s 2021 product lineup, what they showed off

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Unboxing videos have become a huge YouTube business over the past years; there are even channels dedicated to unboxing products. Most of these unboxing videos are generally uninformative and, frankly, not even entertaining.

So in this vein, Samsung held its own unboxing event dubbed Unbox & Discover. Most of the unboxing was comprised of devices already announced, and we’ve actually already had our first looks at two of them, the QN800A and QN90A Neo-QLED TVs.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of what was shown at the unboxing and the video link below to catch the unboxing for yourself:

  • A TikTok app for Samsung 2021 smart TVs (including The Sero) is coming soon
  • The Sero will soon support AirPlay 2, giving consumers the ability to use their iPhones and iOS devices to seamlessly pair with The Sero and automatically rotate the TV screen based on the phone’s landscape or portrait orientation
  • Samsung’s 2021 MicroLED, which was announced at CES 2021 in 110”, 99”, and 88” sizes, will also be available in a 76” size in the future. The 110” and 99” models will be available to consumers in April.
  • A new full-sun version of The Terrace, our outdoor TV, will be available this year in a 75” screen size
  • The Frame
    • The 2021 Frame’s internal storage will increase from 500MB to 6GB, allowing for storage of ~1,200 ultra hi-res images.
    • The My Shelf accessory will soon be available – global availability varies, but we can say at this time that US consumers will get the beige color for 55” and 65” 2021 Frame sizes soon
  • Gaming Partnerships
    • Samsung QLED is the Official TV of Xbox Series X in the US & Canada
    • Samsung TVs (Q70A 4K and up, as well as The Frame) are the first to offer AMD FreeSync Premium Pro for PC and console games
  • For the first time, Samsung’s 2021 Odyssey gaming monitor will benefit from Quantum Matrix Technology and Quantum MiniLED picture quality enhancements.
  • The Samsung Interactive Display Flip, the collaborative and connective digital whiteboard, will be available in a new 75-inch size with new safety & hygiene features.

“At Samsung, we’re proud to constantly innovate to improve consumers’ everyday lives. Over the past year, technologies that were once ‘nice to have’ became a need, as our homes became offices, schools, gyms, and more,” said James Fishler, Senior Vice President, Home Entertainment Division, Samsung Electronics America. “The role of the TV in our lives has grown—and in 2021, Samsung continues to redefine the role of TV around the needs and passions of consumers.”

The main takeaways for the unboxing event were:

  • Samsung is expanding and improving its lifestyle line of TVs with Sero, The Frame, and The Terrace. The company believes that more customers want these types of devices.
  • Samsung is also improving its monitors with devices like the Smart Monitor and the new G9 gaming monitor. The company is attempting to pack in features on these devices for those who need them.
  • Samsung is also diving into education and business technology with the FLIP 75 a huge digital whiteboard perfect for education and business.
  • Samsung is also improving its soundbars and sound offerings with some great new soundbars and subs.
Unboxing Samsung's 2021 product lineup, what they showed off
The 2021 Q Series lineup includes exclusive Q-Symphony tech, syncing audio from the Samsung TV to deliver enhanced 3-dimensional sound.

There was a lot of unboxing going on at Samsung, and we cannot possibly cover it all in one article. Be sure to check out the Samsung unboxing video on YouTube to see it all. Also, be sure to check out the Samsung website for pricing and availability of any of the new devices.

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