Apple AirPods Max drop in price on Amazon


Yeah, we know. Apple products are loved and hated with an equal amount of vigor from both lovers and haters. We also know that the Apple AirPods Max premium headphones are steeply-priced. But when we reviewed Apple’s flagship headphones, we concluded that they’re worth it.

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Nothing is perfect in this world, including Apple products. There are some misses on the Apple AirPods Max, but the hits pushed these to win an Editor’s Choice award. One thing we talked about in our review was the price of the Apple AirPods Max. It’s pretty hefty, to say the least.

We concluded that being priced at US$549 was $50 too much. We thought US$499 was a better price, and now you can actually get select colors of these on Amazon for US$499. As of this article, it looks like the Silver and Blue can be had for US$499 while the pink and green also have a small discount.

Apple AirPods Max sale prices on Amazon

If you’re interested in reading our full review, check it out here. If not, we’ve quoted our wrap-up below from that review.

Overall, I think the Apple AirPods Max are worth the price. However, I do think the company could have priced them at US$499 and still made money while giving them a more comfortable price point. But we know Apple and we know they feel their brand is worth a premium markup.

Simply put…Apple AirPods Max are all that and a bag of chips. Apple device users will love these for their ease of use, sound, comfort, and features. The Apple AirPods Max are my favorite over-ear headphones as of right now.


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