South Korea eyes 2028 to launch 6G, Samsung leads the charge


It seems a little early to talk 6G technology when most of us haven’t even seen 5G, but here we are. Grant it, other countries are ahead of us in launching 5G, so it probably makes more sense there. South Korea is already eyeing 2028 to launch 6G, with Samsung leading the charge.

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The launch of 6G in South Korea looks to start with commercial customers first. The government has set aside KRW220 billion over 5-years for the development of the core standards and tech. South Korea believes that 6G technology will be the foundation for future innovation.

Aju Business Daily reported the ministry outlined a 6G R&D action plan during a strategy meeting involving the government, industry leaders, and experts.

It recently agreed to a cooperation with the US on 6G standards and plans for similar partnerships with Finland and China.

A major objective of the project is to link satellites and terrestrial networks into a single network.

Formal specifications for 6G aren’t expected until around 2026, but momentum accelerated in recent months as major players look to introduce commercial service around 2030.

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Are we even ready for 6G?

In South Korea, Samsung is already hard at work on 6G technology, “noting it has demonstrated an end-to-end 140GHz wireless link using a fully digital beamforming solution in Terahertz spectrum.”

It expects the next-generation technology to enable mixed reality applications in medicine, manufacturing, education, and entertainment.

The company explained it is also working towards supporting open networking standards to deliver interoperability between hardware from different vendors and is an active member of the O-RAN Alliance.

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Last Updated on June 23, 2021.

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