[Rumor] OnePlus may be working on an Android tablet


Since COVID-19 hit us all, many people have been working from home or working on the run. Because of this, the Android tablet and other slim mobile devices have become more popular. Now, one of the best Android smartphone makers around seems to be hinting that they’ll be making their own Android tablet.

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OnePlus is known for making some of the best handsets on the market. The company started with a diehard cult following and has since morphed into a legit Android smartphone contender. Rumors are swirling that an Android tablet could be in the works from OnePlus.

These rumors are being fueled by the discovery of a trademark for the name, OnePlus Pad. It is important to note that this trademark is for the name and not for any particular device.

As spotted by MySmartPrice, the European Union Intellectual Property Office has a new listing for a device called the OnePlus Pad which, at least judging by the name, could be a new tablet.

The listing doesn’t reveal much else about the tablet, though it does specify that the trademark is for the name and not any particular tablet. This suggests the listing is just OnePlus setting the groundwork for a slate, which in turn means such a device from the company could still be a long way out.


Back in June, we reported that OnePlus would become a sub-brand of Oppo. Given that Oppo has other brands and devices in its lineup some of them being tablets, it wouldn’t be hard for OnePlus to develop an Android tablet for its own lineup.

Although, as with any rumor, this should all be taken with a grain of salt until we actually see a physical device. Still, it would be interesting to see if OnePlus could make something like the Nexus 7, which was a popular Android tablet made for Google by ASUS.

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