Skyfire, a big-budget disaster movie premiers on Crackle August 1st


If you’re looking for a disaster movie to watch this weekend, then Skyfire might be something you’re interested in. Crackle announced today that both subtitled and dubbed versions of the big-budget disaster film Skyfire will be exclusively available for free on Crackle beginning Sunday, August 1st.

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Directed by Simon West (Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Con Air, The Mechanic), the film from Highland Film Group, which topped the Chinese box office, stars Jason Isaacs (Hotel Mumbai), Hannah Quinlivan (Skyscraper), Xueqi Wang (Iron Man 3) and Shawn Dou (Wolf Totem). Produced by Meridian Entertainment, Skyfire is China’s first large-scale disaster movie and debuted in December 2019.

VFX Producer John Hughes, the co-founder of Rhythm & Hues, cooperated with six top-ranking VFX companies worldwide to create the special effects. The film is written by Will Wei Bu and Sidney King and produced by Jennifer Wenjie Dong.

In Skyfire, chaos erupts when the once dormant volcano at the world’s only volcano theme park and resort starts to rumble. A young scientist (Quinlivan) must convince the resort owner (Isaacs) to evacuate the island before it is too late.

Skyfire is just the kind of big-budget over-the-top blockbuster that our fans are looking for in their summer movie viewing,” said Jeff Meier, head of programming for Crackle Plus. “The film broke box office records in China, and we are truly thrilled to bring this to a U.S. audience.”

Check out the Skyfire trailer below:

You can catch Skyfire on Crackle and be sure to read our monthly Lights, Camera, Crackle series to see what else is coming to Crackle every month!

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Crackle buys us coffee and Skyfire is their latest movie.

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