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We are huge fans of Plex, and we love how they’re expanding their services, giving users more options. When the company first started, it was a place to host your content in a convenient and well-laid-out interface. Since then, they’ve grown into a streaming service, and now they’re introducing Super Sonic. A new way to listen to your Plexamp music library.

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Unlike other mixers, Super Sonic is based on sound rather than metadata, which can be limited and often doesn’t cover more obscure or indie bands such as Daniel Amos or the 77s. Tapping the power of AI, Super Sonic is an advanced neural network that maps and analyzes every track in your library to create a recommended playlist based on which tracks sound sonically similar.

For example, if you only have the last two hipster-folk Taylor Swift albums, which are different from her earlier work, Sonically Similar Artists will reflect that fact and create a playlist accordingly. Plex says that the goal of Super Sonic is to take you on a journey through your music library unlike any you’ve ever been on – “it’s just one more way Plex is helping to personalize your media, YOUR way.”

Plexamp Super Sonic example

Here’s a rundown of this new Plexamp feature:

  • Super Sonic is a feature of Plexamp, which requires a paid Plex Pass and the current Plex Media Server. macOS, Windows, and Linux only, and ARM CPUs are not supported 
  • Super Sonic offers a number of new ways to mix up your playlists: 
    • Related tracks are a fun way to explore which tracks in your library sound sonically similar, and it’s a lot of fun, and often surprising to see which artists have similar sound. Some are obvious, but some are NOT!  
    • Mixes for you looks at the albums you’ve had on heavy rotation recently, clusters them into mixes, and then sprinkles in sonically similar albums 
    • Track and album radios is the perfect replacement for Plex Mix, playing either tracks or full albums that sound sonically similar   
  • Super Sonic includes other features like On this Day, which tells you what albums were released on this day going back decades, and Album Types, which is yet another way to organize albums by type on the artist page. You can also use the powerful new filters to search for all your live albums, all your EPs from the 80s, and more  

You can find out more about Plex and Plexamp on the company’s website. Keep an eye out on our site, as we do giveaway Plex Passes from time to time. Also, be sure to read our Now Playing On Plex series to find out what’s coming to Plex streaming each month!

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Last Updated on August 17, 2021.

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