PayPal phishing email claims payment to Asda Store


A new PayPal phishing email may be making the rounds in an attempt to steal user information. Phishing emails are still effectively used to do a lot of damage to innocent people, and it can be infuriating, especially if these emails come to not-so-tech-savvy or security-minded users.

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What’s even more frustrating is the same types of phishing attempts seem to pop up all the time, even after they’ve been reported. PayPal phishing emails aren’t anything new, and scammers have been using entities like PayPal to try and look legitimate.

The latest PayPal phishing email isn’t even new, although it looks like it’s in a new format. That is one of the tricks scammers use to keep the scam going, change the way the scam looks and operates. This PayPal phishing email scam looks similar to one reported back in 2015.

The 2015 scam was even bolder than this latest one as it tried to mimic an actual PayPal receipt; check it out below.

PayPal phishing email scam
From 2015

This latest phishing email is not as complex, but it could still catch those not paying attention or with limited security knowledge off guard. In this latest email, you can see it comes from the “Paypal_Team.” It makes some generic references to transaction IDs as well as Invoice IDs.

The email address is from a Gmail account, which should be your first alarm as PayPal would not be sending emails from a Gmail account. Finally, the body of the email states you made a purchase from the Asda Store in whatever amount they decide to put in the email. Asda is a British supermarket, so that should be another alarm if you live outside of the UK. See the latest PayPal phishing email below.

PayPal Phishing Scam

A couple of ways they can play this email is to have you click the link in the email, sending you to a site that could manipulate you into sharing your personal banking data. Another way is by having you call the phone number listed and working you on the phone.

It’s important to pay close attention to these sorts of emails. Some of them can be very complex and easy to fall for. If you ever have questions or doubts about an email, seek the help of someone you trust to check it for you. Or try and get ahold of PayPal via their official customer support channel.

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