The TCL Flip Pro and Alcatel GO Flip 4 are available today


Apple announced the thousand-dollar iPhones yesterday. Samsung announced the thousand-dollar Flip series the other week. Now, TCL is announcing the one-hundred-dollar and under TCL Flip Pro and Alcatel GO Flip 4. Who needs a 6.7″ OLED display when you can have a 2.8″ UVGA display?

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All joking aside, flip phones are still a very needed thing these days. While most of us are using smartphones, there are still those who either don’t want a smartphone or cannot justify the cost of a smartphone. That is where the TCL Flip Pro and Alcatel GO Flip 4 come in.

I, for one, remember the days of flip phones, and even the new TCL Flip Pro and Alcatel GO Flip 4 destroy the flip phones I’ve owned in the past.

Both devices are operating on KaiOS 3.0, which gives you access to apps like Gmail, Google Maps, Google Search, and more. The external display is 1.44″ while the internal display is 2.8″. Let’s be real, neither one is super amazing, but they get the job done.

Battery life is 12-hours of talk time and 18-days of standby time. The full specifications are listed below. Both the TCL Flip Pro and Alcatel GO Flip 4 are essentially the same phone. They go by different names on different carriers; some things never change.

TCL Flip Pro and Alcatel GO Flip 4

Both devices are available starting today, and pricing is below by carrier:

  • TMO (GF4) – $4/month for 24 months
  • Metro (GF4) – retail price $99.99; free when you add a new line or switch; $49.99 when you upgrade
  • Verizon (TCL FLIP Pro) – retail price $69.99 (available in Verizon national retail channels)
  • US Cellular (TCL Flip) – retail price $99.99 ($4.16/month for 24 months)

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