The price of this iPhone 13 case could be a down payment on a car


I know some people who are always in search of that perfect iPhone 13 case. They buy a few cheap ones on Amazon, or check out our iPhone 13 case roundup for ideas. Still, that elusive case never seems to materialize for them.

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Well, maybe this iPhone 13 case will feed the need you’re looking for. The GRAY ALTER EGO Gold Titanium iPhone 13 case will set you back US$2,699. That’s right. This case could be a down payment on a car or even months of groceries and gas money. But who’s worried about all of that?

The ALTER EGO isn’t new; they have been making these cases for a few years now. They are limited to 500 pieces worldwide and are CNC machined from aerospace-grade titanium. The gold one has a “Gold Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) Coating” with a mechanically textured surface finish. Here’s the pitch from GRAY on why you should make this your next iPhone 13 case:

Expensive iPhone case iPhone 13 case

The ALTER EGO® was inspired by you. You, the rebel who refuses to blend into the background, instead choosing to raise the bar everyday. Radically transforming the iPhone, the ALTER EGO® turns your phone into a spectacular object of power, a show-stopper in your hands. Hide and seek is no longer an option.

Because if everything that you do is special, why should your phone look ordinary?

The ALTER EGO® is what happens when you remove compromise from your dictionary. Two blocks of aerospace grade titanium are CNC machined to form the body of the case, in an intensive four-axis operation over 12 hours. The creation process is only completed when your ALTER EGO® passes the hands of our master craftsmen, finishing each example to our exacting specifications of excellence.

While they admire the beauty of the ALTER EGO®, you see the devil in the details. Like a fine artist’s brushwork, the mechanically textured surface brings the ALTER EGO® to life. The precision involved is impossible to be replicated by hand, requiring custom engineered cutting tools.

The boldest statements are not made with words. With every intoxicating angle, the ALTER EGO® reflects the audacity born into the GRAY® DNA. Defined lines create unforgettable design, and the ALTER EGO® is a metal sculpture coming to life from every dimension.


We’re probably being a little snarky here because this case costs more than the phone it’s protecting. It seems a bit extreme to us though I am sure there are a select few who will purchase this. If you have the expendable income, who are we to tell you where to spend it. You can check out GRAY cases on their website.

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