[Infographic] Data breaches in the healthcare system: Can blockchain fix it?


Sadly, data breaches are a common occurrence today as most of our sensitive information is stored online. When companies have their security breached, they lose thousands of dollars in revenue and suffer lasting damage to their reputation. The healthcare industry has seen many security breaches, costing an estimated $6.5 million every time it occurs. Why are these cyber attacks so common if hospitals suffer such losses?

The most notable reason is that many hospitals are still using outdated security software that leaves gaping holes in the system that allow hackers to breach data more accessible. Most implanted medical devices are hackable, and yet hospitals still use them. Doctors are frequently more focused on protecting the privacy of their patients than cyber security, but the fact is that the two go hand in hand now. This lack of knowledge stems from the fact that not many hospitals have a team dedicated to upkeeping their cyber security, and most don’t even know what kind of cyber security system they have! 

Blockchain applications are being implemented in many hospitals to solve many of these issues. Instead of implanting hackable devices, hospitals have the option of using wearable monitoring systems to track patients’ vitals, a significantly safer option. These wearable devices are also proven to be significantly more resilient. The switch to blockchain applications also makes it easier to track cyber activity, reduces the number of human errors, and overall increases the security of sensitive patient information. 

The increase in data breaches in the healthcare system shines a light on the problems with the outdated security systems that are in place in many hospitals. Luckily, introducing new blockchain applications holds the solution to many of these problems. With some of our most sensitive information, hospitals must switch to more secure security systems.

[Infographic] Data breaches in the healthcare system: Can blockchain fix it?

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Last Updated on December 6, 2021.

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