Razer seeking beta testers for new HyperSense Suit

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Razer has been coming out with some great concepts lately, from a modular gaming desk to the Enki Pro HyperSense gaming chair and even a gaming chair with a retractable display. While some of these advance further, others remain as such: a concept. The latest from Razer appears to be past the concept stage as the company is seeking beta testers for its new Hypersense Suit concept.

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With talk about the metaverse at the forefront these past few months, it looks like Razer is taking their HyperSense haptic technology and creating a full-body gaming suit that will really help immerse gamers into their experiences.

Razer says the HyperSense Suit has over 1,333,337 (red flag #1?) integrated haptic sensors that will let you feel everything from physical impacts to intense human emotions. If you’re feeling too much, or not enough, pain (for example), you can adjust the level of haptic feedback via the built-in chest button or through the Razer Synapse app.

The Razer HyperSense Suit features and specifications include:

  • Stretchable, sweatproof fabric: Using a modified version of the breathable Razer Flowknit fabric found on our latest headsets, the suit provides quick-drying comfort and full-range mobility to ensure you remain fresh and agile throughout every gaming marathon.
  • Durable, lightweight armor: Made of an intelligent metal alloy, the Razer HyperSense Suit can scale to the exact toughness of your in-game armor, protecting you from threats, virtual or otherwise.
  • 1,333,337 haptic sensors powered by Razer™ HyperSense
  • Metaverse Bio-Ware
  • Intelligent metal alloy
  • Powered by Razer Chroma™ RGB
  • Battery-life: Undeterminable, kinetically charged through suit movement

Razer also assures you that if the suit starts to take over your consciousness, you’ll be fine… sort of (red flag #2?).

“In the unlikely event of the suit overriding the host’s functions, take comfort in knowing that your consciousness will be uploaded to the cloud and exist forever in the Metaverse.”

Razer HyperSense Suit FAQ

If you’re interested in signing up for the beta test, which also gives you a chance to win a suite of Razer gear, head over to the Razer website.

And ya, before you get TOO excited, this is most certainly probably Razer’s April Fools’ Day joke. What do you think about the Razer Hypersense Suit? Is it really that far-fetched if it is a joke? Let us know on social media by using the buttons below.


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