The Daily Wire announces $100m investment in children’s programming

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The Daily Wire has expanded its media platform beyond political commentary to include entertainment. The company has already launched a few movies, including Shut In and Terror on the Prairie. Both of those films have been in the drama and thriller categories. The company’s latest movie release was The Hyperions starring Cary Elwes, and it was their first comedy film.

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Now, the company has announced that it is investing up to $100 million in The Daily Wire Kids. The investment will span a time of 3-years, with programming launching in the Spring of 2023. Initially, the company was going to announce this new project in November of 2022. But they decided to move more quickly to seize upon political controversy involving the state of Florida and Disney. We don’t get involved in politics here, so we will leave you to research that on your own.

The Daily Wire has brought on Eric Branscum and Ethan Nicolle of VeggieTales and the Babylon Bee to head up kids’ content development. VeggieTales has been a top-rated series that has appeared on various streaming networks and in theaters. So hopes are high that the company can deliver high-quality content for children.

CEO Jeremy Boreing announced the first two projects that are in the works and expected in the Spring of 2023, Chilla Time! and Doodles With Noodles. Once the new venture launches, it will be available to Daily Wire subscribers. It will be interesting to see how this venture goes and if it gets legs under it to compete in the broad Hollywood market.

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