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Do you love video games and find yourself playing all the time? If so, you are developing a unique skill set, including things like story writing, hand-eye coordination, and more. Believe it or not, you can actually apply these skills in many different career fields.

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From working on help desk software to teaching children, learn about some of the top jobs for gamers below. These jobs will utilize the skills you learned from gaming and help you build a successful career.

Voice-Over Artist

A voice-over artist, sometimes called a voice actor, is responsible for providing the voices of animated characters. In this role, you read a script or even improvise while acting. You will find voice actors used in movies, video games, TV shows, and cartoons. You may work on-site at a studio or from your own home studio in this position.

Gamers usually do well in this position due to their exposure to voice acting. During various games, they see how voice actors help move the game’s story forward and their important role.

Game Developer

The main duties of game developers or designers are to plan, design, and produce video games for phones, computers, and consoles. They usually focus on the visual aspects of games while writing code to create a functional game that can be played.

Because many gamers have experience with coding and making mods for games themselves, they are well-suited for this job. Gamers also have the unique position of being a player and knowing what players want to see.

Many gamers have experience with coding and are well-suited for a game developer job.
Many gamers have experience with coding and are well-suited for developer jobs.

Audio Engineer

Working as an audio engineer means you take on the role of creating sound effects for radio shows, videos, games, and other types of entertainment. They also help to reduce unwanted sound and noises in the background while providing quality control and regulating sound quality for clients. Most gamers are immersed in the gameplay, fully understanding what makes the most appealing audio experience.

Management Analyst

An analyst reviews data, organizes information, and develops strategies to solve problems. With this job, you must have superior communication and critical thinking skills. Gamers are the ideal candidates because they have the necessary analytical skills and usually communicate with the other players to build a strong game.

Technical Support Specialist

In this role, you are responsible for assisting people in solving problems related to various technology, such as video games, mobile apps, software, computers, and more. Understanding games helps navigate different technical problems and communicate with other people on the phone, through email, or on chat.

Most gamers communicate with others often because they need to solve problems while playing team-based games. This means they have good communication skills, which are beneficial in technical support positions. Also, when you are a gamer, you have to troubleshoot issues with your game when they occur. Because of this, you may have some coding skills that would be beneficial in this position.


Today, teachers are responsible for providing instruction online and in a classroom setting. In this role, you will prepare your classroom for learning, develop the learning materials, evaluate your student’s performance, give lessons and lectures, and grade classwork.

Gamers make good teachers because this role requires analytical and critical thinking skills, which gamers use regularly. Also, gamers can help students who learn best from hands-on instruction by using creative tactics in the classroom.

As you can see from the information above, gamers have more than a few great careers. If you are trying to find a viable career field, consider one of the ones listed above. These will provide you with a fulfilling job in which you can use your skills. 

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Last Updated on December 9, 2022.


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