Seven most impressive pieces of everyday technology


We use hundreds of gadgets and tools every day to accomplish essential tasks, but we’re so used to these technologies that we often take their value for granted. We made this list to show appreciation for some of these items and demonstrate their importance to our daily lives.

Here are the seven most impressive pieces of everyday technology that have earned every bit of praise that comes their way.

1. Mobile Devices

Our laptops, tablets, and smartphones are perhaps the most vital pieces of technology available today. We rely on them to connect with friends and family, do our jobs, get through school, and complete almost every other online activity throughout the day. Our world revolves around our mobile devices and enables us to maintain our online presence on the go.

The evolution of mobile devices is a remarkable achievement in itself – from the huge blocky cell phones of the ‘80s to the handheld computers we have today. No matter your device of choice, laptops, tablets, and smartphones make up the ultimate triumvirate of everyday technology.

2. Wi-Fi

As amazing as our mobile devices are, they wouldn’t be the same without Wi-Fi. Before Wi-FI, we had to hook up our computers to a network cable, effectively defeating the purpose of “mobile” devices. Wireless connectivity lets us browse at high speeds and perform complex tasks from any location, as long as a secure network is nearby.

Homes, businesses, and even vehicles have Wi-Fi in 2022. It’s faster and more widely available than ever, to the point where it’s rare to find a public place that doesn’t have Wi-Fi. However, not all networks are secure. Some public networks are easy targets for cyberattacks. As great as Wi-Fi is, you should try to keep yourself safe no matter where you roam.

3. Bluetooth

Another wireless technology that has proved valuable in our daily lives is Bluetooth. It doesn’t have the same range as Wi-Fi, but it connects devices over short distances and makes many tasks much easier. Playing music, taking phone calls, and connecting keyboards and mice to computers are just a few of Bluetooth’s capabilities.

The introduction of other devices like AirPods, smartwatches, and door alarms has made Bluetooth even more valuable over time. It’s no longer just a convenient tool, but a necessity for many people’s jobs and home security.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Seven most impressive pieces of everyday technology

Artificial intelligence (AI) was an unrealistic fantasy several decades ago, but now it’s a crucial part of many technologies and gets smarter every day. Machine learning helps us solve infrastructure problems in health care, city planning, retail, and speech recognition. On a smaller scale, it helps filter spam from our online feeds and optimizes our search results.

Some argue that AI could become too knowledgeable and powerful in the coming years, but developers need to overcome many obstacles before we see dystopian-level algorithms. Computing power, privacy, and bias are some of the biggest problems we need to address to get the most out of AI – but even now it’s a formidable force that’s integral to many of the world’s essential functions.

5. Firetrucks

We might not think of firetrucks as “technologies” like the other items on this list, but the modern firetruck is loaded with impressive features that make our first responders’ jobs much easier. The hoses, ladders, towers, and numerous tools ensure they’re prepared for any sort of fire, saving lives, and keeping communities safe.

Firetrucks can also assist in transporting hazardous materials, making wilderness rescues, and providing aid to people affected by natural disasters. They’ve come a long way from the first fire engine made in 1743. It may seem like the oddball on this list, but we had to give this remarkable vehicle its due credit and attention.

6. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

RFID has been a vital security tool for businesses and homeowners alike for over 20 years and it’s only getting more valuable as the world becomes more tech-centric. The wireless technology can track vehicles, computers, packaged goods, and even crops and livestock. It has so many capabilities that we don’t realize how often we use it.

Demand for RFID continues to grow, as the healthcare industry has begun to use the technology to monitor patients and label medications more accurately. It picks up mistakes and threats that the human eye can’t always see, making it indispensable in today’s world.

7. Social Media

We have many methods of online communication today, but perhaps the most socially and culturally influential method is social media. Apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others are hubs of communication for any conceivable topic, from politics to memes. We can build our profiles and create a collection of memories just by interacting with other people.

Many people believe social media is unhealthy for younger users and contributes to poor mental health. They’re probably right, but there’s no denying that a tool capable of sending widespread messages in the blink of an eye deserves to stick around. Perhaps we will see more limitations on usage in the future, but for now, social media remains one of the most influential technologies of the 21st century.

Don’t Take Your Technology for Granted

We like to imagine ourselves as independent and capable people, but the reality is that technology aids us with so many tasks that our daily lives are much easier than they ought to be. Our ancestors didn’t have such luxuries, so we should not take our technology for granted. It’s not perfect, but it’s always improving and finding new ways to change the world for the better.

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