San Mateo, California; Residents seeking answers over Indiana Batmobile raid

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This past Saturday, we reported on a bizarre story out of San Mateo County, California. One wealthy and well-connected San Mateo resident contacted the county sheriff for help with a civil dispute. Typically, this wouldn’t be all that strange, but considering the disagreement was with someone in Indiana, it got weird.

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San Mateo County Sheriff Carlos Bolanos, a friend of the complainant, sent a group of his officers to Logansport, Indiana, to raid the business of Mark Racop. Racop is the only builder with a DC Comics license to make Batmobile replicas. The complainant was upset that Racop pushed his order to the back of the line (a 2+ year wait) because the complainant hadn’t made a scheduled payment. You can read more in our earlier article.

The story spread fast across the internet, and some San Mateo County residents stood up and took notice. These residents are demanding answers as to why their tax dollars were being spent on something civil courts and lawyers should have dealt with. ABC7 News Bay Area reports below:

The County Board of Supervisors is looking into the matter and asking questions on behalf of the residents. ABC7 News Bay Area says that Sheriff Bolanos sent the raiding party to Indiana as a favor to his friend, who is the complainant. Bolanos sent a lieutenant, a sergeant, and two deputies on a 2,200-mile trip where expenses were all paid and officers earned overtime pay. No official comment from the sheriff’s office has been given on the matter.

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Last Updated on May 26, 2023.


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