Two new peripherals released for MOUNTAIN modular keyboards


We’ve reviewed a lot of keyboards over the years, and two of my favourites remain the MOUNTAIN Everest Max and Everest 60. Not only solid in design, but they are modular, allowing users to configure the keyboards they way they want, as well as remove any currently unnecessary modules (like the number pad when gaming).

MOUNTAIN has announced the Keypad series: two new add-ons that can also be used separately. The MOUNTAIN DisplayPad and MacroPad keyboard peripherals are “packed with innovative features, deliver peak performance, feature a stylish and ergonomic design and offer unparalleled customization.”

“MOUNTAIN’s vision is to provide the gear for gamers, streamers, and content creators to perform at their best, and the new Keypad Series is a testament to that. DisplayPad enables a whole new level of customizability while MacroPad goes beyond the beaten paths of conventional pads by offering hot-swappable mechanical switches.”

Tobias Brinkmann, Founder and CEO of MOUNTAIN

The DisplayPad builds on the detachable number pad that comes with the Everest Max mechanical keyboard. While that has four programmable display buttons, the DisplayPad features 12. These can be customized using the Base Camp software, allowing users to create shortcuts to different programs, key bindings, control functions, macros, and more. A new folder function alows users to add virtual layers, grouping commands into different folders to further add more functionality.

The MacroPad and DisplayPad keypad accessories with the Everest Max mechanical keyboard
The MacroPad and DisplayPad keypad accessories with the Everest Max mechanical keyboard.

The MacroPad, on the other hand, has 12 customizable mechanical, facotry-lubricated Tactile 55 switches. Again, these keys can be customized to perform different macros to enhance productivity.

The MOUNTAIN DisplayPad and MacroPad keypads are compatible with the Everest Max or Core keyboards. They retail for US$109.00 and $59.99 respectively and are now availabile from the website. Both also come with custom stand and rubber base for standalone use.

What do you think about the MOUNTAIN DisplayPad and MacroPad peripherals? Are you going to be picking one or both up? Let us know on social media by using the buttons below.


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