Samsung’s new Galaxy S22 update brings “Expert RAW” and “Camera Assistant” improvements

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The Samsung Galaxy S22 series is one of the elite phones in the Android stable. The Galaxy S22 already has many excellent features and specifications, but Samsung is giving it more. This new Galaxy S22 update brings Samsung’s “Expert RAW” and “Camera Assistant” apps.

Expert RAW brings a new Astrophoto feature that allows star gazers and outdoor enthusiasts to take clear, beautiful photos of constellations and dark sky activity. Turn on the “Sky guide” to pinpoint the location of constellations, solar systems, groups of stars, and nebula. The Galaxy S22 AI technology will take care of the rest.

Here are the main points of this latest Galaxy S22 update.

October Galaxy S22 Update Overview

Samsung Galaxy S22
Samsung's new Galaxy S22 update brings "Expert RAW" and "Camera Assistant" improvements 2

Astrophoto in Expert RAW

  • Astrophoto: Take clear, professional-looking photos of stars and dark sky activity with the new Sky guide feature, which can pinpoint constellations and the camera’s advanced AI segmentation technology and multi-frame processing capabilities.
  • Multiple exposure: Shoot several pictures at once and use Overlay modes to combine them into one exceptional shot. 
  • How to Access: Access the beta version of Astrophoto and Multiple exposure by going to the ‘Special Photo options’ in the Settings menu of Expert RAW.

Camera Assistant App

  • Customized Shooting Experience: Pick and choose which camera features meet your individual shooting style by customizing the automated camera settings within the app.
  • Creative Control: Turn on or off certain camera features, including Auto HDR, Soften pictures, Auto lens switching, Video recording in Photo mode, and more. Plus, you also have more options, such as selecting the number of pictures you want to take after the timer goes off or taking up to seven pictures in a second.
  • How to Access: The Camera Assistant app is available for download in the Galaxy Store or the Good Lock app.

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