The Plugable WWCB Docking Station is the company’s first “Works With Chromebook” dock


Docking stations have been around for ages, but mostly work with Windows or Mac systems. There are a few that work with Chromebooks as well, and Plugable has just announced the WWCB Docking Station — the first from the company that is “Works with Chromebook” approved.

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According to Google, Works with Chromebook devices are “tested to ensure they comply with Chromebook’s compatibility standards. Once you see the badge, you can be sure the product works seamlessly with your Chromebook.” As such, the Plugable WWCB Docking Station has been rigorously tested by Google and is one of the few Works with Chromebook docking stations available today.

The Plugable UD-MSTHDC docking station adds two displays, Ethernet, six additional USB-A ports, Ethernet, and a 3.5mm audio jack to your Chromebook (and Windows) device. The dock also includes 60W USB-C host charging, which is plenty for most Chromebooks on the market today.

The ports on the Plugable WWCB Docking Station (UD-MSTHDC)
The ports on the Plugable WWCB Docking Station (UD-MSTHDC).

As mentioned, the dock includes dual HDMI and dual DisplayPorts, allowing you to connect two displays in tandem, regardless of connection type. While the dock does work on Mac computers as well, due to the lack of MST functionality in macOS, only one display can be connected in that scenario.

The WWCB Docking Station is now available on Amazon for $199 with a $15 off coupon, bringing the launch price down to $184.

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