75″ 8K Samsung QN900C Neo-QLED TV review: Big in every good way possible

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TV sizes come in a wide range of numbers from 43″ up to (and in some cases over) 120″. Studies have shown that consumers are buying bigger TVs more than ever before. Most buyers are settling in on the 65,” up from the 55″ choices made a few years ago. Some of this can be attributed to the fact that TVs like the 75″ 8K Samsung QN900C Neo-QLED have increased the panel size but decreased the chassis size.

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Most of the major TV brands aren’t even making TVs smaller than 43″, and even that size may eventually fall away. So the average size in most homes these days is 65″ and 75″ may sound ginormous, but it isn’t. Of course, you should consider the size of the room you’re putting it into, but most decently sized living rooms should fit the 75″ 8K Samsung QN900C Neo-QLED TV just fine.

The 75″ Samsung QN900C is a big boy, but you can also opt for the 65″ or if you need bigger, the 85″. All three sizes will surely delight users with incredible color, sound, and detail. Let’s jump into the Samsung QN900C review.

The Quick Take

Samsung QN900C 8K

The 75″ 8K Samsung QN900C Neo-QLED TV is a fantastic television. While it is relatively large, it’s not when you compare this 75″ to a 65″ from five or six years ago. This TV is essentially ALL screen with no bezels.

The bottom line is that the Samsung QN900C is a fantastic TV with all of Samsung’s latest TV tech bundled in. There are arguments to be made about the 8K resolution; you will have to do more research on that and form your own opinion. We believe 8K is still not a widely used resolution, and you may be better served buying a 4K Samsung. But, if you want to future-proof your entertainment space, the Samsung QN900C is an excellent choice.

The QN900C has terrific color, excellent black levels, and brilliant whites. The brightness levels are fantastic, and the feature set on this TV is outstanding. As for the 8K AI upscaling, it works well enough, it’s not perfect, and you probably won’t be in 8K for most programs, but 8K is eventually coming, and you will be ready with this TV.

Samsung is still one of the top TV manufacturers on the market. If you jump online and do some searching for any of their models, you’ll run across hundreds of reviews, good and bad. Through my years of TV reviews, I have found that many online commenters love to hate. It doesn’t matter how good one brand is; if they hate it, they will comment negatively about everything they produce. There is even an industry that supplies negative reviews and comments, so be sure to read as many reviews and opinions as you can and come to your conclusion.


The 75″ 8K Samsung QN900C Neo-QLED TV has the following features and specifications:

  • Video
    • Screen Size: 75″
    • Resolution:  7,680 x 4,320
    • Motion Technology: Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro
    • Refresh Rate: 120Hz (Up to 144Hz)
    • Color: 100% Color Volume with Quantum Dot
    • HDR (High-Dynamic Range): Neo Quantum HDR 8K Pro
  • Picture Engine: Neural Quantum Processor 8K
    • Upscaling: AI
  • Audio
    • Dolby: Yes, MS12 5.1ch
    • Sound Output (RMS): 90w
    • Speaker Type: 6.2.4CH
    • Multiroom Link: Yes
    • Bluetooth Headset Support: Yes
    • Q-Symphony: Yes
    • Object Tracking Sound: OTS Pro
    • Adaptive Sound: Adaptive Sound Pro
  • Wireless Connectivity
    • WiFi: WiFi6E
    • WiFi Direct: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Yes (BT5.2)
  • Features
    • Smart Hub: Yes
  • Processor: Neural Quantum Processor 8K
    • Apps Platform: Yes (Tizen)Voice Interaction: YesAuto Channel Search: YesAuto Motion Plus: Yes
    • V-Chip: Yes
    • Electronic Program Guide (Channel Guide): Yes
    • Game Mode: Auto Game Mode (ALLM)
    • Ambient Mode: Yes Ambient Mode+
    • Auto Power Off: Yes
    • Closed Captioning: Yes
    • Anynet+ HDMI-CEC: Yes
    • Eco Sensor: Yes
    • Bluetooth: Yes
    • Mobile to TV – Mirroring, DLNA: Yes
    • 4 HDMI (high frame rate 4K 144Hz), one with eARC
    • 3 USB 2.0
    • 1 USB C
    • 1 Optical Out
    • 1 Ethernet LAN
    • 1 RF In
    • 1 RS232C
  • Dimensions
    • Product Size (W x H x D) Without Stand in inches: 65.1 x 37.2 x 0.6
    • Product Size (W x H x D) With Stand in inches: 65.1 x 40 x 11.3
    • Shipping Size: 73.7 x 45 x 7.7
    • Shipping Size: Shipping Size: 73.7 x 45 x 7.7
    • Weight without stand: 68.8 lbs
    • Weight with stand: 94.8 lbs
    • Shipping weight in the box: 124.8 lb.
  • Power
    • Power Supply: AC110-120V 50/60Hz
  • Samsung remote: SolarCell Remote TM2360E
  • Model Number: QN75QN900CFXZA

What’s In The Box

  • 75″ 8K Samsung QN900C Neo-QLED TV
  • One Connect Box and Cables
  • Power cable
  • Manuals, documentation, warranty
  • Hardware and stand
  • Samsung SolarCell remote TM2280E


Samsung QN900C 8K

The aesthetic look of the Samsung QN900C has not changed all that much from the last time I reviewed a 75″ 8K Samsung, which was the QN800A in 2021. For a 75″ TV, this thing is slim! I would say that its slim design also makes it a bit fragile. My advice is to have, at minimum, two people to set this thing up. We used three people because I wanted to be sure we were as careful as possible.

The stand is probably the only significant aesthetic design change from the QN800A that I could discernably see. The stand is a monster, as well as it should be. It is heavy for a stand but needs to hold up the 75″ of girth that the display has. Another recommendation is to follow Samsung’s excellent setup instructions included with your TV. This will save you headaches and potential damage to the TV.

There isn’t much going on in the front of the Samsung QN900C. Due to there being no bezels, this essentially looks like a floating display. How the stand is designed pushes the display out, making for that floating appearance.

The frame, if you want to call it that, of the QN900C houses some speakers along with the speakers mounted on the back of the TV. This gives you a wide soundstage; more on that later. There is only one connection on the back for the One Connect cable. That cable goes down to the One Connect box, which houses all other connections.

As I remember, the QN800A was designed to fit Samsung soundbars under the TV, so that didn’t leave much space for other brands. The Samsung QN900C gives a bit better clearance than the QN800A does. I could fit a Denon DHT-S517 under the TV but just barely.

The build quality is premium Samsung through-and-through. While the TV does feel fragile, that does not mean the build is sacrificed. The only reason it feels fragile is because of its sheer mass. This is the company’s flagship 8K model, displaying that with elegance.

The One Connect box looks to have had a slight refresh making it smaller, and it houses the following connections:

  • 4 HDMI (high frame rate 4K 144Hz), one with eARC
  • 3 USB 2.0
  • 1 USB C
  • 1 Optical Out
  • 1 Ethernet LAN
  • 1 RF In
  • 1 RS232C
75" 8K Samsung QN900C Neo-QLED TV review: Big in every good way possible

I’m a big fan of the One Connect box as it allows you to make all your connections to the box and only one connection to the Samsung QN900C. The One Connect cable also delivers power to the TV.

Samsung has also been working on its remotes. The SolarCell remote introduced a few years back has been a fantastic addition to Samsung TVs, and this year’s SolarCell Remote TM2360E is improved. The remote is smaller, about the size of the Apple TV remote. It’s made of plastic and has a solar panel on the back which can charge the remote even with ambient light. Alternatively, you can charge the remote via the USB-C port on the bottom.

I love that they made the remote smaller and only has the essentials.

  • Power button
  • Color/Number button
  • Voice Control button
  • Select button/wheel
  • Back button
  • Home button
  • Play/Pause button
  • Volume Up/Down button
  • Channel Up/Down button
  • Netflix button
  • Samsung TV Plus button
  • Prime Video button
  • Disney+ button
75" 8K Samsung QN900C Neo-QLED TV review: Big in every good way possible

Overall, the Samsung QN900C is slightly thinner than the QN800A I reviewed in 2021. It still looks very similar, with an updated stand and remote. This is still a fantastic-looking TV that appears as if it is floating in midair, thanks to the zero-bezel design. The build quality is extraordinary, and users will be pleased with its appearance in their entertainment space.


I will address the 8K situation right out of the gate. There are many sites and forums where you will find the vocal addressing their issues with 8K technology. That’s fine; everyone has the right to voice their thoughts on the matter. Here are my thoughts in as few words as possible.

8K is still a new technology. This resolution has little content available, but that will eventually change. I have experienced 8K content alongside 4K and can see a clear difference. Some content is better suited to 8K, and I will concede that some users may not see a huge difference.

As for Samsung’s 8K AI upscaling, it works for some content, but it is still evolving technology that will improve over time. I am optimistic, and my advice is, if you have the money to buy an 8K Samsung TV, you may as well now for future-proofing.

Now, on to the Samsung QN900C display. Samsung calls the technology they’re using Quantum Matrix Pro with Mini LEDs. This panel produces a billion colors with fantastic contrast and outstanding detail. The company uses the Neural Quantum Processor 8K, which does all the heavy lifting, especially for AI upscaling.

Neo Quantum HDR 8K Pro enhances the experience enhanced with an anti-glare coating that gives outstanding viewing angles. Color modes include Movie, Standard, Dynamic, Eco, and Film Maker Mode. You can still go granular, tweak the settings, and skip the preset modes. Ambient mode allows you to use your display as a place to display art, news, or photos. Multi-View is also back and very useful for many.

Samsung QN900C 8K

Multi-View on the Samsung QN900C is especially useful for gamers. Gamers can now pull up YouTube tutorials on their phones and have them playing on screen as they play those same games. This can help gamers get through challenging levels without looking down at their other device or pausing anything. Oh, and gaming is freaking amazing on this 75″ gaming beast! I used the Xbox One X to test the gaming experience, and it is top-notch, especially with the 120Hz refresh rate (supports up to 144Hz).

Multi-View could also be used for fact-checking while watching news programs or political debates. Having your phone screen on the same display where everyone can see it and verify facts is pretty useful.

Along with Mini-LED backlighting, this TV is packed with the usual suspects such as Neo Quantum HDR 8K Pro, Object Tracking Sound Pro, 120Hz refresh rate, Quantum Dots, Anti-Reflection, great viewing angles, and Game Mode for gamers.

The Samsung QN900C makes colors pop, and I mean pop; the color accuracy and saturation make everything looks clean and bright. Brightness is outstanding, and I think Samsung improved its ambient light sensors. I did not like Samsung adjusting the brightness for me in the past, but this TV did a great job.

Overall, the Samsung QN900C is the pinnacle of what an 8K QLED TV should be: outstanding color, fantastic contrast, and impressive brightness. Throw in excellent viewing angles and that crazy, nearly floating display, and this is a fantastic panel.


Setup of the Samsung QN900C is a breeze and can be done via the SolarCell remote or smartphone with the Samsung SmartThings app. SmartThings works on iOS and Android but seems more seamless on a Samsung mobile phone. When you push the power button on the remote, the remote will pair with the TV, and you’re ready to follow the on-screen instructions.

The setup is pretty basic and standard. I recommend signing up for a Samsung account and linking your TV to your account. It makes some things more accessible, but it’s not necessary. Once you complete the setup, downloading your favorite streaming apps and logging into them is just a matter of downloading them. If you have a Samsung account and are replacing a Samsung TV, you could restore the new TV from a backup of your previous TV.

Overall, the setup is straightforward, and Samsung even walks you through it step by step. The company has been doing a great job at making setup easy and getting you to watch as quickly as possible.


Samsung QN900C 8K

The Samsung QN900C software and user interface are the same as in 2022. We have covered this extensively, and Samsung’s TV UI remains one of the best.

You’ll still find goodies like Ambient Mode, Ultrawide GameView, Game Bar, Object Tracking Sound, Real Depth Enhancer, and Dolby Atmos.

Ambient Mode is the same as it has been, allowing you to leave your TV on and display artwork, photos, and other goodies. The TV goes into a low-power state and dimly displays your ambient content just enough to see it.

GameView and Game Bar are especially useful for gamers. You can expand your view with multiple aspect ratios from 21:9 to 32:9 with Super Ultrawide GameView. Quickly optimize game settings with an on-screen menu that lets you check input lag, FPS, HDR, wireless headset settings, and more through an easy-to-access game bar.

Object Tracking Sound adjusts the audio to follow the movement of your content, while Dolby Atmos envelops you in cinematic surround sound—all from speakers behind the screen. Real Depth Enhancer, experience the depth and dimension on-screen on the QN900C. Real Depth Enhancer is ideal for nature shows and other real-life programs and mirrors how the human eye processes depth by increasing foreground contrast.

EyeComfort mode adapts the picture according to the time of day and blocks out blue light that could affect your sleep. With the Universal Guide, you can find your favorite movies and TV shows all in one place, with a simple on-screen guide that provides tailored recommendations for exploring new content. You also get Samsung TV Plus, which has been growing year over year and is free on your Samsung TV. It offers some great and fun content for just about everyone.

You also have Samsung Health which offers tons of free exercise content to keep you moving at home. And you can also set up Bixby, Alexa, or Google Assistant if you should like using a digital assistant. With these, you can control the TV with your voice.

The Samsung QN900C also comes with multi-view, which allows you to connect your smartphone to the TV and have an instance of it running there while you watch TV. I’ve never understood the need to do this, but some people would want to.

Gaming Hub is also included, as is Smart Hub. Everything you expect on a Samsung TV is here; overall, it works great. One area I noticed an improvement in is the movement of the UI. In the past, I did experience some lag with the UI, but that was not the case on the QN900C.

Sound Quality

Samsung QN900C 8K 7 min

The Samsung QN900C can undoubtedly be called the KING of speakers. It has a ton of speakers on the back and along the edge making for outstanding sound.

Object Tracking Sound is back, which makes you feel like you’re in the middle of the action with a directional, realistic sound that projects from the TV speakers. Once again, the soundstage improved overall, pushing vocals to the front and creating spatial depth between sound effects, objects in a scene, people, and nature; everything is just enhanced and separated. Object Tracking Sound is almost like being in the scene you’re watching. Add a compatible Samsung soundbar, and you’ll enhance the experience further.

The Samsung QN900C also has SpaceFit Sound. This gives you a tailored sound experience with sensors that optimize it based on the acoustics of your space, whether the TV is mounted on the wall or placed on a table.

I must admit that TV speakers have improved significantly over just the past few years, and Samsung is leading the way. The Samsung QN900C isn’t the only Samsung TV with great sound; even some mid-tier and affordable TVs have significant sound improvements.

Overall, it may be bold to say this, but I think many users will be delighted with the speakers and sound of the QN900C and may find no need to add a soundbar. That is a significant saving for users.


Samsung QN900C 8K 5 min

The 8K Samsung QN900C has a new 8K AI processor that is improved from last year (no surprise there), and with Samsung running Tizen on its TVs well, everything is optimized. Everything ran smoothly, with apps opening quickly, and interface navigation was a breeze.

Gaming performance is also enhanced with Samsung’s outstanding Game Mode. When your Xbox or PlayStation is plugged into the TV and turned on, the Samsung QN900C will automatically apply Game Mode. Game Mode changes the colors and refresh rate, giving you a better gaming experience. Game Mode plus delivers a 9.4ms input lag which is freaking amazing for a TV. This means gamers can enjoy a more responsive experience within their favorite games. Game Mode Plus also adds some surround sound improvements, making the sound more immersive and exciting for gamers. It also supports FreeSync.

The Universal Guide has also improved. It is now more easily accessible by just scrolling down on the home screen. Universal Guide gives you suggestions based on the apps you have installed and the content you have watched. There’s also Samsung TV Plus, which offers up free programming that’s really awesome. TV Plus has also expanded and is offering a whole lot more than it ever has before.

Overall, the Samsung QN900C is snappy and runs everything super fast. Given that this is a flagship TV, I would expect nothing less.


The 75″ Samsung QN900C is priced at $6,299.99. You can opt for the smaller 65″ for $4,999.99. That is a pretty penny, but you get a fantastic TV for the price. There is a lot of value here, though some may want to wait, given that 8K is not widely available. Samsung’s 4K options are a little more affordable, and that may be the route you want to go. Still, I can’t think of a better TV for those ready to pull the trigger on 8K than the Samsung QN900C.

Wrap Up

The Samsung QN900C isn’t for every buyer. The individual looking at this TV should be ready to spend a little extra but with the reward of future-proofing. Any way you cut it, the 75″ 8K Samsung QN900C is BIG in every good way possible.

75" 8K Samsung QN900C










Sound Quality






Nailed it

  • Super thin design
  • Floating display feel with nearly no bezels
  • Fantastic QLED 144Hz display
  • Great color and deep blacks
  • Mini LED backlighting delivers great brightness
  • Samsung's UI is one of the best
  • Superior sound quality
  • Great performance

Needs work

  • Heavy and fragile, take care when unpacking and setting up. Use the provided instructions
  • This is a pricey TV, some may find better value buying a Samsung 4K TV over this
  • 8K is still not a standard and it may be far off, consider other Samsung TVs with 4K if you're looking to save

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Last Updated on May 9, 2024.


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